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Best Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Toddlers

Best Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Toddlers

I am confident that no one can deny that the most magical things about Christmas and Christmas eve are the toddlers that look forward to Santa and gifts. Kids, without ever knowing it, bring an element of magic to the holiday that was not there before them.

13 Christmas Eve Boxes for Your Toddlers

To your little ones, it will feel like they are getting to open a fun gift a day early with a personalized Christmas eve box. These Christmas eve box ideas are a great way to begin new Christmas traditions and continue the old ones. Every item on this list has been handpicked by yours truly, to ensure you and your children make some fabulous Christmas eve memories.

1. Christmas Eve Pajama Box

Christmas Tent Print Black Plaid Pajamas Set for Christmas Box
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One tradition I have with my kiddos is giving them the gift of new pajamas on Christmas eve. Giving a pajama gift is the perfect Christmas eve box that your kids will look forward to getting every year. Plus, it is excellent for the whole family! This fun Christmas tradition (of cute pajamas) can be purchased from places like Amazon, Walmart, and Old Navy.

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas Eve Box

Grinch Care Package Christmas Toddler Box
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If you want a cute toddler’s Christmas eve box, look no further than this cute and Grinchy-themed one. Christmas movies are often a family tradition in just about every home. Every family has the movies they watch yearly, making this gift a unique Christmas eve box. Make the theme of this box all Grinch. You can easily find the Grinch movie, Grinch pajamas, and even Grinch snacks!

3. Twas the Night Before Christmas Box

Reading Christmas stories for kids on Christmas Eve is a tradition in our home. Among the different box ideas, all you need for this particular gift is a basket or a box with the classic story of Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement Clark Moore; maybe add some Christmas treats and a cute pair of Christmas pajamas.

4. Santa’s Reindeer Food Box

Part of Christmas Eve’s fun is snacks for Santa and his reindeer. This is the perfect Christmas eve gift for the whole family to enjoy! You can go about this box two ways: 1. have food types that could be literal (celery, carrots, oats), or 2. make a trail mix called “reindeer food.” Personally, I like making things I can eat, so grab some granola, chocolate chips, and red and green sprinkles and mix it all together.

5. Hot Chocolate and Cookies for Santa Box

Make cookies and hot chocolate for Santa into a gift with this Christmas eve box tradition. Grab some pre-made cookie mix, festive spoons or spatulas, your favorite hot cocoa mix, a Christmas mug (or two), a bowl (if you want a Christmas-themed one), and some marshmallows. This box is undoubtedly one the entire family will enjoy!

6. Ice Cream Shop Box

I cannot have a list of Christmas eve box ideas for toddlers and not include a box with all the things to make an awesome ice cream sundae! Among our many Christmas eve traditions is having an ice cream party. For this box, all you need is your favorite toppings, syrups, cherries, fun ice cream bowls, and some Christmas spoons. Obviously, you will want to keep your favorite ice cream flavors in the freezer!

7. Christmas Socks Box

Christmas Family Socks
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Have you ever heard of the term hygge? This old Danish word simply means to describe coziness. For this Christmas eve box, give your toddler what it means to be cozy at Christmas with some festive socks and a warm blanket. Give your kids one or several pairs of fuzzy socks from your local supercenter, light up the fire, and experience hygge for yourself.

8. Christmas Eve Coloring Box

Printable Christmas Eve Coloring
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When it comes to toddlers, I’ve never met one that doesn’t like to color. Among the Christmas eve box ideas for toddlers, a Christmas eve coloring box is one that will keep them busy for a long time! Luckily, tons of free printables for Christmas are available on the internet. Crayola has some great printables that will keep your kids busy for hours!

9. Elf on the Shelf Christmas Eve Box

Elf on the Shelf Christmas Eve Toddler Box
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Elf on the Shelf has become a staple in family traditions throughout the U.S. during the holiday season. Introducing your elf to the family on Christmas eve is a fantastic idea and a time to create a new and fun tradition. Also, if you want to introduce your Elf on the Shelf box sooner so your toddler can enjoy all of the funny things their elf will do, that’s fine too! Your child will love this Christmas eve box.

10. Cookie Decorating Fun Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Cookie Decorating Box
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Among all the Christmas things to do, baking Christmas cookies and decorating them is something all our family’s children enjoy, from the little ones all the way up to the teens. This list of Christmas eve box ideas would be amiss if we didn’t include something that would bring the whole family joy. For this box, make sure to include pre-made sugar cookies (or make your own with this recipe, it is my favorite), various cookie icing colors, sprinkles, and anything else you would like.

11. Stuffed Animal Christmas Eve Box

Out of all the Christmas eve box ideas, this one allows your little one to have a special friend they will cherish for years to come. This toddler Christmas eve box can be filled with a special teddy bear, bunny, or any animal they love. If you want to personalize this box, see if you can find matching Christmas pajamas for their new friend and them.

12. Christmas Ornament Christmas Eve Box

This toddler Christmas eve box will be such a fun activity to do with the entire family. Fill your box or basket with a ton of plastic Christmas ornaments, paints, glitter, hot glue gun, or any other items you might need for your unique ornaments. This is a ton of Christmas fun and a great way to start a new family tradition. Plus, your little one will love hanging their Christmas ornament on the tree and seeing it Christmas morning.

13. Favorite Christmas Movie Box

Christmas Movie Box for Kids
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Nothing is more fun than gathering in the living room, seeing the Christmas tree lit up, and watching family friends’ Christmas movies. Christmas time is all about gathering together and spending time with each other. My favorite moments are snuggling with my little one and watching old Christmas movies from my childhood. Since this box is geared toward toddlers, include movies that are kid friends, and also be sure to throw in some fruit snacks and popcorn!

Final Thoughts on Christmas Eve Boxes for Toddlers

These various Christmas eve box ideas are a great way to create new family memories and make Christmas eve extra special for your little ones. All of the Christmas things here are great, even for the older kids in the family. No matter what, we have everything you need here to make Christmas eve extra special.

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