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12 Betty Boop Christmas Gifts

12 Betty Boop Christmas Gifts

If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift this year, using Betty Boop as your key feature may just be what you need. The iconic cartoon character from the 30s was a breath of distinction at a time when there were minimal differences between male and female cartoon characters. Till today, the Betty Boop character is nonpareil. So, for sure, with her as the central feature of your Christmas plans, things would be exceptional.

Not sure how to celebrate a Betty-Boop-themed Christmas? Do not fret. I share my favorite ideas below, including ornaments, décor ideas, food ideas, and much more.

1. Betty Boop Blow Mold Ornament

First on my list is this product, a pair of Betty Boop figures. One of the easiest ways to use these figurines is to adorn your Christmas tree with them. But you could get creative and create a snow globe with a Betty Boop figurine as the snowman.

To create the snow globe, the main items you need are a Mason jar, your Betty Boop figurine, and tinsel glitter/artificial snow. Once you have all these, you can create your snow globe.

2. Sweet Heart Ornament

If you are finding it hard to choose the perfect Christmas gift for your partner, this Betty Boop heart ornament may just work.

The chances that your partner would be expecting this as a gift are low. So, it will come as a surprise for sure. But beyond having the element of surprise, it has a romantic touch to it.

Apart from offering this ornament as a Christmas gift, you can also use it as an ornament on your Christmas tree. It could even be an additional element in the snow globe I described in the previous subheading.

3. Lamp Bedside Light

While this is originally meant to be a table lamp, you can use this Betty Boop light for your Christmas decorations. It could be one of many items you place beneath the Christmas tree. Alternatively, you could buy multiple units to decorate your living room, hallway, or any other part of your house.

The beauty of this light comes alive when it’s dim or dark. So, you may use it to decorate some of the darkest areas of your home.

Besides using it as a décor piece, you may also give this out as a Christmas gift.

4. Christmas Cake

If you love baking, this Betty Boop Christmas idea is perfect for you. It already has multiple hints of Christmas: the glitter and the colors (red and white). But you can switch things up and make it more Christmasy.

For instance, you could replace the hearts with snowflakes. You may also add a Christmas hat to the Betty Boop figure at the center of the cake. With these minor changes, you should have a Christmas Betty Boop cake unique to you.

5. Cupcake Topper

If you would rather do something else other than cakes, you could try making Betty Boop Christmas cupcakes. You could use these cupcakes as the basis for your own cupcakes. But while making yours, you can replace the rose, brown and white, with green and red Betty Boop cupcakes. This way, the whole collection will have green and red colors – two of the most prominent Christmas colors.

Besides adding green cupcakes, you could have the two cupcakes in the center displaying 25 instead of 24. Since December 25 is Christmas day, having 25 in the middle of the cupcakes is fitting.

6. Christmas Stocking

Here’s another idea to add to your Betty Boop Christmas decoration list. I particularly like the shape of this stock as it not only comes in the colors of Christmas but also has a mystical feel to it. Thanks to its elf-boot shape, there’s some magic to it.

If the design of this stocking is just what you are looking for, you should buy it. But if your sewing skills are great, and you would love to make some adjustments, you may try that out.

7. Personalized Christmas Stockings

If the previous Betty-Boop-themed Christmas stocking does not do it for you, here’s another option. This stocking has a simple design – no whimsical elf boot shape. Just an image of Betty Boop dressed for Christmas on a plain stocking. This stocking should fit right into interiors with minimalistic decors.

8. Personalized Minky Blanket

This Betty Boop blanket is not only great for Christmas because of the Betty Boop image but also because of the Minky material.

Minky fabrics are typically cozy, thanks to their warmth and softness. Of course, such coziness will come in handy during Christmas since it is one of the coldest periods of the year.

Note that the blanket comes in 3  sizes from the buyer, and the print is only on one side.

9. Christmas Mug

While this may not necessarily have so much presence in your Betty Boop Christmas plans, it may come in handy. If you are going to be taking a lot of warm beverages to keep yourself cozy through the cold, you should get this Betty Boop ceramic Christmas mug.

10. Christmas Wreath Enamel Pin

You can wear this Betty Boop Christmas enamel pin on your jacket, beanie, sweater, and even your suit. You may also attach it to your bag.

11. Christmas Tree Sticker

If you are creating a Christmas-like mural in your home and are looking to add some Betty Boop to it, you could get some units of this sticker for that purpose. The design is straightforward, so it should fit all kinds of interiors.

12. Hand Painted Ornaments

These Betty Boop baubles are a perfect way to immerse your Christmas tree in the Betty Boop character. Of course, once your tree is immersed in it, you can be sure most of the space around the tree will get into the atmosphere.

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