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20 Popular Christmas Candle Scents

20 Popular Christmas Candle Scents

One of my favorite Christmas gifts to make are handmade candles with leftover wax and Christmas scents. From freshly baked cookies to the crisp freshness of snow, Christmas smells bring back memories. With so many different scents that remind us of the holiday season, let’s explore some of the most popular candle scents that define Christmas for most of us.

1. Cinnamon Roll

Homemade Christmas candles with cinnamon scent

Whenever I think of Christmas, the scent of freshly baked cinnamon rolls immediately fills my senses. The scent of the cinnamon spice brings back my memories of cozy winter evenings. Cinnamon is also a staple in many of my holiday recipes, from pies to mulled wines, making it synonymous with Christmas celebrations.

2. Hot Chocolate

I don’t know anyone who does not like hot chocolate. Hot cocoa is more than just a drink. It is a warm hug in a mug. The rich, chocolaty aroma takes me back to snowy evenings spent under a blanket, sipping on cocoa while watching a good Christmas movie. A holiday candle with a hot cocoa scent can be a perfect gift for anyone.

3. Sugar Cookie

There is something nostalgic about the aroma of sugar cookies baking in the oven. It transports me back to my childhood days, helping Mom in the kitchen at the beginning of Advent. It also reminds me of the good things that Christmas brings: joy, family, friends, food, blessings, and laughter.

4. Pine Tree

Christmas candle scent - green pine tree candle in glass jar

Pine needles must be the best Christmas candle smells. It reminds me of Christmas trees, wreaths, and burning pine needles in the fireplace. The scent captures the essence of a natural, green Christmas at home.

5. Gingerbread

As I grew up in Germany for me, gingerbread is the scent of a traditional German Christmas. Every whiff brings images of intricately decorated gingerbread houses and the joy of baking. It is a spicy-sweet reminder of the timeless rituals that make Christmas truly special.

6. Mulled Wine

two mulled wine scented candles

What I love most about Christmas markets is holding a mulled wine to warm up my freezing-cold hands. The spicy and fruity aroma of mulled wine is a celebration in itself. The scent of cinnamon and ginger speaks of gatherings with friends and family, sharing stories, and making memories.

7. Roasted Chestnuts

The nutty aroma of roasting chestnuts is another classic holiday scent. It is a scent that tells stories of tradition, festive markets, and the simple pleasures of the season. It reminds the time I spent Christmas in Istanbul, where you can find roasted chestnut stalls on every corner.

8. Burning Yule Log

brown fireplace scented Christmas candles

The smoky and woody scent of a burning yule log in an open fireplace reminds me of a cozy Christmas evening. It makes me want to snuggle up on the couch. If you do not have a real fireplace at home, a candle with a fireplace scent would be a perfect alternative.

9. Snow Fall

Do you know what snow smells like? Some people describe the smell as a crisp and earthy scent that promises a white Christmas. Others say that snow smell sweet and floral. For me, snow smells of anticipation and snowball fights. Snow-scented candles are a great addition to my white and blue Christmas decorations.

10. Crushed Candy Cane

red Christmas candle behind candy candle and gingerbread snowman

My daughter’s favorite Christmas tradition is to unwrap the candy cane, crush it and stir it in hot cocoa. These candy cane candles have the most refreshing scent.

11. Apple Cider

Christmas candles with a sweet aroma of apple cider are like a warm embrace on a cold winter’s day. Apple cider is a scent that conjures images of families gathering around a fireplace, sipping on this spiced beverage, and sharing stories of yesteryears. Apple cider scents bring back memories of the togetherness that the festive season represents.

12. Vanilla

white Christmas candles with vanilla scent

A  sweet vanilla scent is one of the most iconic holiday scents and is a popular fragrance for those who make candles with leftover wax. It is a scent of baking sessions and has a calming effect on many people.

13. Brown Sugar

The scent of brown sugar, a rich and comforting aroma, is like a sweet memory. It speaks of love, care, and the happiness of baking treats for loved ones. It is a happy scent for me and reminds me of my childhood home, where my mother always had something sweet baked in the oven during the holiday season.  A brown sugar-scented candle fills the home with warmth and affection.

14. Eggnog Icing

Yes, eggnog icing candles really exist! Eggnog, with its creamy and spicy notes, is the drink of festive cheer. So why not spread the scent around the house? But be careful; not everyone likes the smell of eggnog.

15. Red Current

Red current scent christmas candle

The sweet scent of red currents is a festive surprise often found in Christmas desserts and jams. This candle scent is a reminder of the diverse Christmas flavors and the joy of discovering new festive treats.

16. Cedar

The calming scent of cedar candles reminds me of freshly cut Christmas trees and the peace that Christmas promises. The cedar scent is also a perfect fragrance for defusers and wax warmers.

17. Rosemary

candle decorated with rosemary and scent of Christmas

Rosemary is a fresh and minty aroma and adds a touch of green to Christmas. If you love the smell like I do, you can use rosemary bushes to decorate the dinner table, windows, or front porch. Rosemary-scented candles are stunning and can wake up the entire room.

18. Cranberry

Cranberries have a fruity scent and are a burst of festive freshness. I love the vibrant color of these cranberry-scented candles as an integral part of my Christmas decorations this year.

19. Peppermint Bark

The combination of cool peppermint and rich chocolate defines the scent of peppermint bark. It is a festive treat that bridges the gap between the refreshing chill of winter and the cozy warmth of the holiday season. Every whiff brings forth memories of unwrapping this sweet delight, revealing layers of creamy chocolate and crunchy peppermint. It is not just a treat for my taste buds but also a feast for my senses, making peppermint bark an iconic Christmas scent.

20. Balsam Fir

scented Christmas candles in balsam fir

The spicy warmth of balsam fir candles is comforting. The scent speaks of tradition, warmth, and of the timeless charm of Christmas.

Last Words

Christmas candle scents are more than just aromas for me; they are memories, emotions, and the essence of what makes Christmas a cherished holiday. Each scent tells a story, evoking feelings of nostalgia, joy, and the magic of the festive season.

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