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Unwrapping Christmas in March: A Late-Season Celebration

Unwrapping Christmas in March: A Late-Season Celebration

There are many reasons to celebrate Christmas in March. Maybe you were too busy in December, or you just did not feel the holiday spirit. Maybe your flight home was canceled because of a snowstorm. Or maybe you just love the holiday season so much that you don’t want to wait until December. Whatever the reason, celebrating Christmas in March is never too early and can be very special.

Get the Christmas Lights Out

You can decorate your home with holiday lights at any time of the year. While everyone else may have pulled their Christmas lights down, put yours up.

Decorating your home with lights immerses your home in holiday cheer. But you could also spread the good spirits to the whole neighborhood. Having your house brighten the streets on the cold and dark nights in March is a way to let your neighbors be part of your celebration.

Throw a Party

Throwing a Christmas party in March might seem weird, but there are many reasons why this can be a great idea. First, people are typically busy in December. Some of them have had the month all planned out. So, they may not be able to attend your December Christmas party. Even if they do, it wouldn’t be convenient. Others may have more invites than they can honor.

Secondly, a March Christmas party would be less expensive than one in December. The heightened demand for services and goods in December sometimes pushes businesses to charge a premium. Things are a bit different in March; you can get great deals on the things you need for a party.

Thirdly, a March Christmas party is something unique. So, you do not necessarily have to follow the usual Christmas traditions. You have more creative freedom when planning.

Build Snowmen

Generally, everyone considers March to be a spring month. But then, the average temperature in March is winter-like. Also, it snows in March sometimes. So, all in all, March can sometimes be a winter month.

If you’re lucky and it snows in March, you can add building snowmen to your list of Christmas activities. You can do this with your family, and you may even invite friends over. Of course, you may want to schedule this for when everyone would be free – possibly a weekend.

Having this snowball kit makes building a snowman super easy. You should consider getting one if you choose this activity for your celebration.

You can have a snowball fight right after building the snowmen. Of course, take all necessary precautions while doing this. While snowball fights are generally harmless, they can cause injuries sometimes.

Give Back to the Community

Giving back to the community should not only happen at one time of the year. People in need appreciate your help in March just as much as they do in December. Some ways to do this include:

  • Organizing a charity event such as a food drive or fundraiser.
  • Volunteering at a food bank or soup kitchen.
  • Delivering gifts to people living in homeless shelters. Some never get gifts, while others only get them in December. Sending gifts to them in March helps them experience the joy of receiving gifts at least once a year.
  • Buying toys and donating them to a toy drive.
  • Sending food items to the local food pantry.

Have a Movie Night

If you are a true Christmas lover, you can watch Christmas movies all year round. You could compile a list of movies for a marathon movie night over the weekend.

Alternatively, you can have a selection of 2-3 movies everyone loves. Then you can all vote for the movie to watch from that shortlist.

You can have multiple movie nights if you choose to watch one movie per night. For instance, you can have a movie night from Monday to Friday or Friday to Sunday. As long as it is convenient.

Don’t forget the warm drinks and snacks when planning for the movie night. They’ll go a long way to add to the fun.

Before or after the movie, you can play a game of Christmas movie trivia. You do not even have to make it about Christmas movies alone. You may include the classics and some other favorites.

Organize a Dinner

You can host a dinner for just you and your immediate family on Sunday afternoon. But if you want, invite friends and other family members.

If you want to express Christmas to the fullest at this dinner, ensure your house, especially the interior, is well decorated. You do not need a Christmas tree to boost the spirit. You can easily hang lights around the windows, and indoor plants.

As a centerpiece, you can use a Christmas cactus since March is the time when the Christmas cactus blooms. This is because in early spring, the weather is cool enough and the nights are long. Sometimes, a Christmas cactus that blooms in March may actually be an Easter cactus. So, look out for the differences.

Then to the most important part of the dinner – the food. You could go with regular Christmas meals like roasted turkey, roast beef, and bread stuffing, or try a vegetarian recipe.

Play Christmas-Themed Games

Your options are endless if you choose to celebrate Christmas by playing games. For one, you get to choose between indoor games and outdoor games.

If you choose to have your games indoors, try these:

  • Carol bingo
  • Christmas Heads Up!
  • Christmas charades
  • Name that Christmas Song
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Pictionary
  • Musical chairs
  • Santa Says
  • Who Am I?
  • Elf Toss

However, if you prefer having fun outside, you can play:

  • Sled bowling
  • Snowball tag
  • Sled racing


Pretty much anyone can take part in Christmas karaoke. You can even invite family and friends over to make it more interesting.

When preparing for karaoke, try to get the sing-along versions of the most popular Christmas songs. You could also set up a stage or something like it. Then if there’ll be multiple performers, prepare 2-3 of these Karaoke microphones.

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