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Snow Globes: From Christmas Classics to Trendy Tumblers

Snow Globes: From Christmas Classics to Trendy Tumblers

Snow globes? Think of them as mini adventures right in your palm! Each one tells its own little story, making your space a tad more magical, not only during the festive season. While they are a hit during Christmas, there is no rule against having them out all year. They are fun, quirky, and can spark a conversation. Plus, if you are ever in a gift-giving bind, they are a pretty neat solution. Dive in and explore some of my favorites below!

Christmas Snow Globe

If you like a classic Christmas song, this snow globe would be ideal for you. All the elements of its design point towards Christmas. From the Santa Claus figurine to the snowman, gift, gift bag, and Christmas tree, it’s all Christmas with this globe.

The snow globe plays the “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” song. The tune brought all the Christmas nostalgia I hadn’t felt in ages. So, if you want to experience all the Christmas sentiments you haven’t felt in ages, this should do it.

Snow Globe Candle

The design of this snow globe candle is so realistic that virtually everyone who saw it in my living room thought it was an actual candle with flames. Of course, the candle is flameless; it is a warm white LED light inside a translucent flame-like figure.

At the base are three snowmen, a Christmas tree, and a gift. When you insert batteries and switch the device on, glitter will hover around the snowmen. Then, the candle will start rotating.

You’ll need three AA candles to operate this device. But batteries are not included in the pack.

Nightmare Before Christmas Snow Globe

Like my children, you might connect with this Disney musical glitter globe if you’ve watched the Nightmare Before Christmas film. Besides the fact that the figurines in and around the snow globe perfectly capture the spookiness of the film, the rotating base makes it all the more creepy.

Of course, the predominant theme of the Nightmare Before Christmas was dark. So, with all the spookiness in this scene, it’s a perfect way to relive the memories of the film.

Disney Snow Globe

Winnie the Pooh is one Disney character that’s been around for many years. My generation grew up reading about and watching Winnie the Pooh content. The age group after mine also, and even the current generation. So, if you are a family of Disney lovers, particularly Winnie the Pooh lovers, you’d enjoy having this. It could even be a starter for a transgenerational conversation.

I liked that this snow globe plays the Winnie the Pooh theme song while honey-colored glitters flutter around. The combination is just so scenic.

Another thing I liked about it is that it isn’t tied to Christmas. So, you can readily use it at any time besides Christmas.

Snow Globe Tumbler

This snow globe tumbler is ideal if you’d prefer to design your tumbler to your taste. The most striking thing about this product is the high quality of the tumbler across a wide temperature range. It made things easy for me as I didn’t have to worry about the tumbler getting damaged during the sublimation process.

The glass tumblers in the pack come pre-drilled. So, all you have to do is seal the hole with epoxy after sublimation.

Harry Potter Snow Globe

What I loved the most about this Harry Potter snow globe is its versatility. The first time I used it was for Christmas. The Hogwarts figurine may seem somewhat mystical. But coupled with the glitter, the Hogwarts figure had an air of Christmas. Then Halloween came, and I was able to integrate this same snowglobe into our decór.

Snow Globe Ornament

If your house has a minimalistic decór or you are going for an uncluttered look for your Christmas decorations, this santa globe ornament would be perfect. The design is simple – Santa Claus with a Christmas tree in a tiny snow globe with most neutral colors.

You may also get it if you need a unique ornament for your Christmas tree. While it looks a bit like baubles and other typical Christmas tree ornaments, it’s still distinctive. So, you may opt to buy it if you need something different.

Halloween Snow Globe

The name says it all here. When I saw this lighted water lantern, I didn’t hesitate to buy it. My reason was simple: the design doesn’t do too much to fit into the Halloween theme. It is all so simple – a haunted mansion with bare trees and some mystical decorations outdoors – nothing too noisy.

I also like the flat shape of the snow globe; it makes the ornament easier to hang. With rounder globes, hanging on flat surfaces is somewhat complicated.

This globe requires 3 AA batteries. But it also comes with USB support and a USB cord. However, you’d have to get a USB adapter not exceeding 1.5 amps for the USB cord.

Snow Globe Inflatable

If you need to add something exciting to your Christmas decór for the kids, this inflatable snowman globe might do the job.

This 8-foot-tall inflatable snowman features some amusing characters. But what will catch the kids’ eyes is seeing a snow globe so massive. It comes with LED lights. So, at night, it will light your lawn up. The lights are powered using an adapter. Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting batteries.

In the pack, you’ll find tethers & stakes for anchoring the inflatable snow globe to the ground, keeping it from getting away.

Personalized Photo Snow Globe

This photo snow globe is perfect if you want something of high sentimental value. It is also a top option for people who love DIY.

One popular use of this snow globe is as a family photo snow globe, but lovers may also use it. Then, if you love DIY and would love to create your own magic, this beautiful plain snow globe would be the perfect point to start.

It is also a great cheap Christmas gift for the grandparents.

Snow Globe Kit

This snow globe kit is another DIY-friendly snow globe. It is perfect if you are trying to build a custom snow globe for a kid. You can even get your kid or kids to join in while you piece the snow globes together.

The package features about 20 packs of clay, four water globes, glitter, glue, snowballs, a funnel, and five figurines. So, you have a fair amount of resources to create four snow globes to suit your taste. The instruction book is also pretty detailed and easy to understand. With these, you are unlikely to get stuck.

Christmas Village Snow Globe

This mountain village snow globe is another option for people who are fans of classical Christmas songs. This glass snow globe chimes “Silver Bells” as the train inside it rotates while you can watch the snow falling.

If you are looking for something that you can use at any other time of the year, this may not be ideal. Most of its elements point strongly toward the holidays: the buildings, the pine trees, the tree decorations, the train, and the snow.

Snow Globe Lantern

This musical snow globe lantern was one of the best ones for me. Firstly, the relatively flat shape made it easy to hang it on walls and other similarly flat surfaces. Of course, I mostly placed it on a shelf.

Besides that, this musical lantern came with a timer. So, I could set the globe to go off after a predefined time. I also liked that I could power the snow lantern with a USB-to-DC cable if I didn’t want to get or use AA batteries. The eight Christmas tunes it plays are a plus.

Apart from all the features above, the design was simple yet striking. The black body complements the white snowmen and green trees perfectly.

Snow Globe Picture Frame

This snow globe picture frame is another option if you want to create something with a lot of sentimental value. It’s not quite a snow globe since it isn’t shaped like a globe. It is more of a picture frame with space for artificial snow and snow globe fluid. Using this picture frame is pretty straightforward.

Snow Globe Candle Holder

If using regular candle holders for your candles during Christmas is getting old and boring, you might fancy getting this snow globe candle holder. The colors are largely muted, and this makes the globe fit into all types of designs. Then, the warm white LED that encircles the inner part makes everything even more picturesque.

This candle holder comes with a timer. It runs on three AA batteries. But the batteries are not included in the pack, so you’ll have to get that on your own.

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