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Snowflakes to the Rescue

Snowflakes to the Rescue

Max is in the garden. His snowman from yesterday is melting. He picks up some snow from the bushes and tries to fix his snowman.

Up in the sky, there’s a little cloud. Malin, the snowflake, and her snowflake friends live on it. They used to be tiny water drops, but because it is so cold, they have become white snowflakes. They have six small arms and eight super tiny fingers and hug each other so the cloud stays together.

The snowflakes have been looking for a place to land for days. But when people see a cloud, they close their doors and put on their hats. It seems like no one wants Malin and her snowflake friends here!

“If we don’t snow soon, we will become water. And there won’t be snow for Christmas!” Malin tells her friends while they look down at the ground. Then, Malin sees something. “What is it?” her friends ask. Malin shows them a sad little boy who is standing next to a water puddle in a garden. It is Max.

“Should we?” Malin asks her friends. The snowflakes nod and start to fall. They land near Max. Max jumps and claps. “Yay! Snow!” he says. He is so happy, and soon, he begins making a new snowman with the fresh snow.

And so, it’s a beautiful Christmas after all. Max can rebuild his snowman, even bigger than before.

Malin and her friends have now turned into a majestic snowman, standing proudly in the garden, holding onto each other until they melt.

Next year, they will be back. Maybe a little earlier, so that Max can enjoy their company even longer.

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