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17 Best White Christmas Tree Ideas

17 Best White Christmas Tree Ideas

White Christmas trees may not be the most popular type of Christmas tree, but when it comes to white Christmas tree ideas, there is a whole lot to choose from. Then again, because there are many white Christmas tree decorations to choose from, you can get indecisive while making a selection.

To help ease the potential indecisiveness that may come with choosing a holiday decor for your white tree, I have compiled some stunning white Christmas tree ideas.

Simple Sophistication

Simple Sophistication white Christmas tree ideas
Photo Credit: @mstashy

The thing about this white Christmas tree idea is that even though it is pretty simple, it is not bland in any way. The colors just go so well; the gold ornaments stay in the fore, bringing the glitter. The white tree, on the other hand, stays in the background, blending with everything else since it has a neutral tone.

The brown color of the acorn nut ornaments and silver accents of the snowflake further enhance the neutrality of the tree. Then, with the gold ornaments, you may not need to attach warm white lights or any type of string lights to this Christmas tree.

Inverted White Christmas Tree

Upside Down White Christmas Tree
Details Here: Amazon Vickerman Store

You could have heads turning with this pure white tree. Nobody expects to see a Christmas tree standing upside down. So, even if people do not physically try to turn their heads to view this, their minds might just attempt it.

Beyond being a geometric delight, this pre-lit tree embodies the holiday sparkle. You may add your personal touch to it by making more lights concentrated at the top or bottom of the tree. But I think it is already perfect as it is.

White Giant Christmas Tree

This white tree design is straightforward – just a white Christmas tree with pre-strung white lights. So, you may be wondering why I included it. Well, the height of this design caught my attention.

Standing at 7 feet, this tree inspiration is perfect if you are looking to decorate a high-ceilinged room. A regular white Christmas tree may look too small in a room with a high ceiling, so something taller – like this – might be better.

White Driftwood Christmas Tree

Driftwood White Christmas Tree on Canvas
Details Here: 5MinutesForMom

If you would love to get creative while crafting your white Christmas tree, here is something you should try. The fun and time that goes into making this can add some sentimental value to it.

To modify this idea and make it yours, you may introduce some blue ornaments so the colors are not too monotonous. But even if you do not do that, this white tree idea already looks perfect.

You may recreate this in two different sizes or more. By doing this, you are not restricted to a small Christmas tree that is only suitable for tables and shelves.

Headed to Outer Space

Headed to outer space white Christmas tree ideas
Photo Credit: @melodrama

If your kids love the idea of space and space travel, you could encourage their interest by adorning your white tree with spaceship ornaments.

As you may have noticed, spaceships are not the only ornaments in this inspiration. You may also find some metallic decorations, including stars. Then, there is also the space-themed tree skirt.

Overall, this Christmas tree screams fun for kids. So, if you really want your kids to experience the holiday cheer in their own way, you could set this up for them.

Enhance Your White Tree With Burgundy

Flocked White Tree With Burgundy
Details Here: Craftberry Bush

Flocked Christmas tree decorations typically give off a calm and cool impression. But you can take the character of your flocked tree up a notch by adding a rich and chic color like burgundy.

If you intend to use burgundy on your flocked Christmas tree, you may want to avoid using another rich color with it. There’s a good chance that the other rich color may clash with the burgundy. Of course, there’s no harm in trying your options out first.

All in all, I think this layout brings to mind a snowy tree with some intensity.

Rainbow Ornaments

Rainbow Ornaments on white Christmas tree
Details Here: @heatherd_nest

The colorful ornaments in this design inspiration give life to the white tree. Of course, white Christmas trees are not awfully bland without colors; it’s just that things can be pretty dull if all the tree offers is white.

While the colors of the ornaments of this white tree follow the rainbow’s color scheme, the idea does not just rely on the rainbow pattern for excellence. There is some mindfulness in the orientation and density of each ornament color in the inspiration.

Simple Mini White Tree

If all you need is a small tree for your shelves or tables, try this. Since it is neutral-colored, this small white Christmas tree will fit just right on tables and shelves of various colors.

Thanks to its feather-like branches, this tree looks like a snowy tree. So, besides being beautifully crafted, it features elements that can truly get everyone into the holiday season.

Silver and Gold

Silver and gold white Christmas tree ideas
Details Here: Craftberry Bush

In this design, the warm lights combine excellently with the silver, gold, and white ornaments to create an air of warmth around the white tree. In fact, the warmth is pretty obvious without having to use too many lights on the tree. Even the gold tree topper that has no lights looks warm and shiny – the setup is pretty much inch-perfect to give a warm look.

Citrus and Greens

Citrus and greens on white Christmas tree
Photo Credit:

This layout gives a natural feel – something like a white tree cultivated for fruit production. I particularly love the sharp contrast between the white backdrop and the green leaves.

To some, this tree may not look so much like a white Christmas tree. But if you want, you may add some white lights to make it more Christmasy.

Snowy Tree With Golden Shimmer

White Christmas Snowy Tree With Golden Shimmer
Details Here: Craftberry Bush

Here’s one flocked Christmas tree idea I think is absolutely stunning. Instead of fur garlands, this style uses microfiber dusters to give a flocked-tree look to the Christmas tree, and as you can see, the outcome is amazing.

The arrangement of the lights and gold ornaments gives the tree the look of a well-lit house covered in some snow. The layout is just the right amount of outdoor Christmas atmosphere indoors.

Stay Neutral

Neutral white Christmas tree ideas
Photo Credit: @_wildforyou

I love the softness of this blend of white and desert-sand brown. The combination evokes a stress-free feel.

This white Christmas tree idea uses white ornaments and some light brown decoration. Since both colors are neutral, arranging the ornaments on the tree should be uncomplicated.

This layout has a net neutral tone, so it should fit into various types of interiors. But I think an interior dominated by a neutral color would be the best place for it. While I think this design does not need lights, you may try some clear lights on it.

Some Silver on an All-White Tree

Silver on an All-White Christmas tree in Bedroom
Photo Credit: @themeadowshome

Sometimes, people just want to adorn their white Christmas trees with white ornaments. But they hold back because they think white on white might be uninteresting.

If you are itching to go all-white with your Christmas tree but are hesitant that it might be too bland, try this layout. While the tree and some of its ornaments are white, the inclusion of multiple silver ornaments adds some excitement to the overall appearance. Also, the white lights strung around the tree reflect off the silver accents, creating an air of warmth around it.

All-White Christmas Tree

All-White Christmas Tree Idea
Details Here: French Country Cottage

Here’s another option for people who want to go all-white but are worried about creating something unexciting.

In this inspiration, the white Christmas tree dominates the arrangement, giving the whole thing a predominantly white outlook. Ordinarily, the tree alone may have been unexciting. But the inclusion of the silver and gold baubles adds some dimension to the softness of the theme while maintaining neutrality.

You may arrange some pine cones around the base of the tree to add some extra excitement. You may also add some snowflake ornaments colored white, grey, or gold. But even without any of those additions, this looks perfect.

Playful Floral

Playful Floral white and rose Christmas tre
Photo Credit: @samswhurld

Instead of using the usual ornaments on your white Christmas tree, you could get creative with flowers.

Thanks to their muted hue, you can add flowers of various colors to white Christmas trees. So, depending on your mood, you could cover your Christmas tree in a wide array of colorful flowers, or you could use a limited number of cohesive colors.

Flocked With Pink

Flocked with pink white Christmas tree with golden presents
Details Here: Love-the-day

Most of the flocked tree ideas you will come across use something white as flocking. But if you are looking to do something different, you can come up with a flocked Christmas tree that uses pink flocking.

While the white and pink colors of this Christmas tree are accentuated using silver and gold, I wouldn’t go that way. I would rather stick with white ornaments or use some turquoise ornaments.

White Christmas Tree With Multi-Color Lights

This is simple, colorful, and creative. Yet, it is somewhat minimalistic. The colorfulness of this Christmas tree design has an air of joyful innocence to it. The pattern feels like the coloring of a little child, and it is just so cute and peaceful.

If you were in search of a white Christmas tree idea for your child’s space, this is a strong contender.

When arranging gifts beneath it, you could try following the colors on each side of the Christmas tree. But even if you don’t, it wouldn’t really affect the appearance.

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