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How Many Days Until Christmas

Every year, we celebrate Christmas on December 25th. If you want to know how many days are left until Christmas, you can take a look at our real-time a Christmas countdown, or count how many days until Christmas with the help of the formulas below.

First, you need to find out what today’s date is. Once you know today’s date, calculating how many days are left until Christmas is easy.

If the Current Date Is in December

Subtract today’s date from 25. Days until Christmas = 25 − today’s date.


Let’s say today is December 15th.

To find out how many days there are until Christmas on December 25th, you subtract today’s date from 25.

Days until Christmas: 25 − 15 = 10 days

So, from December 15th, there would be 10 days left until Christmas.

If the Current Date Is in a Month Before December

  1. Count the total number of days remaining in the current month.
  2. Add the total number of days in each month between the current month and December.
  3. Add the 25 days of December up to and including Christmas Day.


Suppose today is October 20th. Here is how to calculate the number of days until Christmas:

  1. There are 11 days remaining in October (31 – 20 = 11 days).
  2. There are 30 days in November.
  3. And 25 days in December up to and including Christmas Day.

Days until Christmas: 11 (October) + 30 (November) + 25 (December) = 66 days

Short: 11 + 30 + 25 = 66 days until Christmas

Fun Way to Count the Days Until Christmas

My kids count the days until Christmas by using an advent calendar, starting from December 1st all the way to December 24th. Each day, they get to open a new door on the calendar and discover a little treat inside, it could be a picture, a small gift, or a piece of chocolate. This daily interaction with the calendar helps them understand the progression of days in a month and gives them a sense of time while they wait for Christmas.

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