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20 Fun Christmas Date Ideas

20 Fun Christmas Date Ideas

The holiday season is a great time to take your partner or good friend on a date. I have compiled a list of unique, romantic, and fun Christmas activities ideas. Let’s begin with a classic movie date night.

Christmas Movie Date Night

two people watch movie on laptop on Christmas date night

When it comes to Christmas date ideas for couples, this is a staple. This never fails to make Christmas nights memorable. So set out on a date night and cuddle up with your partner in front of the TV set. A Christmas movie can be one of the fun Christmas date ideas you need.

Depending on your choices, you can either relive certain moments by watching your favorite Christmas movies or experiment with holiday movies you’ve never seen before.

Watching Christmas movies also has another angle to it. You and your significant other can swap your favorite childhood Christmas movies with each other. Watching certain movies such as Grinch and Rudolph can be a throwback to your childhood. Of course, you’ll need to entertain yourselves while watching these movies. A cup of hot cocoa isn’t a bad idea.

Chopping Down a Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decoration

This is the perfect Christmas activity idea if you reside close to Christmas tree farms. Not all Christmas date ideas have to be so cozy. So, feel free to get your hands dirty. Get out of the home, scout out Christmas trees that will fit in your home, chop one down and bring it back to the house.

Once you’ve gotten your Christmas tree, you can begin decorating your home soon after. This holiday date idea isn’t restricted to couples who reside close to Christmas tree farms. If you fancy this holiday date idea, you can still hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. There are numerous pre-cut Christmas trees. It’s the holiday season, after all.

So whether you want to go to Christmas stores to get ready-made decorations or get some done with your partner is up to you. Either way, both activities are going to be fun.

Gift Wrapping Date

couple wrapping christmas gifts

When we talk about fun Christmas activities for couples, this is one of the most popular ones. This is one of those Christmas date ideas that embodies the very essence of the Christmas season.

Gift wrapping may be an annoying activity for some individuals. Well, to their credit, it can get on one’s nerves because you’ll want to get the creases right, prevent your pet from lying down on the wrapping paper, and prevent your tape from getting stuck on the floor or floor covering. These are the not-so-fun parts.

However, this seemingly annoying activity takes on a whole new dimension during the Christmas holiday. Why not get your tools, play some Christmas music and work on these gift wraps. Package gifts that you know your partner loves. If jewelry is their thing, buy that and wrap it in a cute package. You can also wrap gifts such as beverages. Wines never fail to impress. An eggnog is a great option as well.

On the other hand, if you feel too buggered by the idea of a homemade Christmas gift, you can always get prepackaged Christmas gifts in stores around you.

Ice Skating

couple on Ice skating date

What better time to go ice skating with your partner than the Christmas holiday? Probably no other. This fun Christmas activity idea has been on the bucket lists of many couples. It’s time to stop putting it off and hit the ice. Get your skates and glide on the rink with your partner. It will be worth it because this is a fun activity. Always ensure you have a pair of mugs of steaming hot chocolate to thaw down after skating on the ice rink.

Host or Attend an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

people wear ugly Christmas sweater on party

This fun Christmas idea didn’t pop out of the blue. It’s been around for a while. If you don’t already have some hideous-looking sweatshirts in your closet, you can head to a store to get one. Bring the party home if there isn’t any ugly Christmas sweater party around you or you haven’t been invited to one. Hosting one with your partner and inviting your friends isn’t a bad idea. It brings out the Christmas cheer in you.

Go for a Sleigh Ride

snow sleigh ride date for Christmas

This is one of those cute Christmas ideas that never gets old and is fun just as much as ice skating. Sleigh riding is also on a lot of people’s bucket lists. It gets even better if you’re in a sleigh right next to your heartthrob. This makes one of the perfect Christmas dates if you ask me, especially if you’re residing in a location with a lot of snowfall.

This fun Christmas date idea shouldn’t be discarded even if you don’t reside in snowy regions. You don’t need the snow to have so much fun on a sleigh ride. All you and your partner need is a horse-drawn carriage which can give you a similar experience to sleigh riding on the snow.

Coffee Shop Date

coffee date around christmas

Fan of Starbucks? Perhaps you can experience the goodness of your favorite coffee drink in a local coffee shop with your partner. It’s simple but undoubtedly one of the best romantic Christmas date ideas you can think of. So why not head to your favorite coffee shop with your loved one and savor the richness of your hot chocolate bar or lattes side by side.

You can also use this opportunity to engage your significant other in exciting conversations, read books, or listen to music- whatever works for you.

Take a Christmas Light Tour

christmas lights behind street pole light

Christmas lights are one of the highlights of the holiday season. What embodies the Christmas spirit better? You and your partner can tour the neighborhood in the evenings, drinking in the glorious sight of all the Christmas lights you can lay eyes on.

Taking a drive with your partner to see the lights and Christmas decorations on the houses in the neighborhood is one of the simplest Christmas date ideas you can make happen. To make this date idea more fun, you can jumble opinions on which home has the fanciest Christmas lights.

You also don’t have to limit yourself to your neighborhood. It’s a tour; explore other neighborhoods as well. Don’t forget to do this while listening to Christmas music from your favorite Christmas playlist.

Going to a Christmas Concert

Christmas lights wrapped around guitar

If you and your partner are lovers of music (which we’re sure you have to be), going to a Christmas concert is one of the best Christmas date ideas you can try out. Who doesn’t love music, by the way? We get that the holiday can get busy for you and your loved one. However, making time for a Christmas concert will be one of the best decisions you can make.

So try attending a musical event such as this together. Fortunately, during the Christmas season, there are so many musical events you can choose from. There are choir concerts and orchestral performances. There are other holiday entertainment options as well. Going to at least one of these together is one of the perfect Christmas date night ideas.

There’s something just magical about Christmas songs. It’s an essential part of the Christmas season. What’s a Christmas season without a classic tune or carol? Whatever you do, we recommend you include this date idea on your bucket list.

Explore Christmas Craft Shows

Make Christmas crafts with your date

Christmas fairs and craft shows are among the exciting things about the Christmas season. So if you want to go out of the house and do something fun with your partner, this is one of the Christmas date ideas to have in mind. You can explore and see different crafts while talking to the craft makers. One of these lovely works of art may catch your fancy, and you can bring one of them back home. It will make a beautiful souvenir.

Just Enjoy a Quiet Christmas Night Indoors

couple with socks having a Quiet Christmas date Indoors

As simple as this sounds, it’s a classic Christmas date idea. If you’re a reserved person and want a Christmas date idea that’s more in tune with your personality, a date night indoors with your partner should be your go-to date idea. You don’t need many props for this date idea to happen. You’re good to go with some hot chocolate or soft drinks, a blanket, books, and yummy snacks.

This date idea has more appeal if you have a fireplace in your home. This is one of the few winter date ideas with a setting that helps you and your partner relax and cozy up to each other. This is one of the best holiday date ideas for introverts.

Host a Group Game Night

Double date Christmas game night

Not every Christmas date night has to revolve around you and your partner. Ever tried group dates? They can be fun too. Have your friends come over with their partners and have a game night together. This is one of those date nights that will involve some exciting indoor games, food, and drinks. There are so many games that you can choose from. Popular options include Clue, Trivia, and Monopoly.

Travel Out

Snowman at the beach

This goes beyond the typical Christmas date ideas. It’s something extra romantic. Getaway with your partner during Christmas time and head to an ideal destination. The tropics or Caribbean is one of the best destinations you can think of. This date idea is one of the best ways to strengthen your bond with your partner and swim deeper in the pool of love. You should already be surfing the net for ideal Christmas destinations.

A Hot Chocolate Tasting Date

Hot Chocolate Tasting Christmas Date

You can either make this a private affair or invite friends over. If you’re going with the latter, you should indulge in a considerable variety of hot chocolate, especially red velvet and salted caramel. If you don’t want to buy different hot chocolate mixes, you can blend in frozen fruit, spike your hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps or mix it with various spices. This is another way of creating a variety.

If you want to make a hot chocolate bar for this date idea, get some mason jars and fill them with different kinds of chocolate toppings—for instance, various flavors of sprinkles, marshmallows, and candy canes.

Get a Cabin for You and Your Partner to Spend the Weekend

Christmas cabin getaway for couples

This is one of the best Christmas date ideas you can think of this holiday season. If you want to have private time throughout the weekend and not have it disturbed by family and friends, renting a cabin is one of the best date ideas for that.

There are several ways you can spend the weekend with your loved one. Staying indoors is one way; going on sleigh rides is another. You can also build snowmen and explore the town as well. If you choose this, ensure you take cozy essentials for a Christmas date night.

Take some food as well; you may want to do an indoor Christmas picnic with your partner. You should take other things such as games and movies as well.

Bake Christmas Cookies

Christmas date baking cookies

Who else thinks cookies are synonymous with the holiday season? You and your partner can spend the day researching delicious Christmas cookies and baking them. Get your cookie cutters, sprinkles, frosting, and other things you’ll need. Baking together is a wonderful Christmas idea and will create long-lasting memories to hold on to.

There are several ideas on what to do with these cookies. Surely you can’t eat all of them; that will be too many calories in the system. Besides, it’s the season of giving. You and your partner can share some with the neighbors and even drop some cookies at the nearest fire station with an appreciation note. Other places you can visit include the senior citizens’ hospice center.

There are also children’s hospitals and homeless shelters in or near your residence. Visiting these places and dropping cookies isn’t a bad idea. You can also host a cookie party and have friends over to enjoy these tasty goodies.

Create Your Date Night Advent Calendar

Ginger cookie Advent Calendar

This is a unique Christmas date idea. You and your partner can create advent calendars for celebrating the holiday seasons together. This calendar helps you devise ways to spend quality time with each other daily. If you haven’t made something like this before and have no idea how to go about it, you can buy one that’s already made.

However, it will be less of a Christmas date idea if you and your partner don’t make one for yourselves. There are tutorials on this to help first-timers create their calendars with ease. You can decide to handle half of the days while your partner takes care of the other half.

Each date night on your advent calendar should come with various Christmas date ideas. With the advent calendar, you can include all or most of the holiday date ideas in it. Ensure you make it fun by focusing on romantic and cute Christmas date ideas.

Childhood-Themed Christmas Date Ideas

Snowman with red hat and heard in hand

A few cute Christmas date ideas are as sweet as childhood-inspired date ideas. Aside from bringing out your goofy and playful sides, they can make great memories. Let’s give you some examples of such ideas that you and your partner can try out.

Snowball fights never gets old. This fun activity can either be a personal date or a group date. You can go snowshoeing with your partner and even build a snowman. To make it more exciting, make this a group date idea and a competition where different couples attempt to build the best snowman. Ride on sleds. Explore toy stores and pick out your favorite childhood toys.

Take Photos

Professional camera

Naturally, this can be a sub-activity for most Christmas date ideas, but it’s also a Christmas date idea on its own. You and your partner can set aside a day exclusively for taking photos. What better way to capture good memories than taking pictures? You can get a camera, head to the photo studio, or keep things simple and capture memories with your phones.

Host or Attend a Holiday Work Party

christmas cosmopolitan

This can be a great chance to bond with your co-workers. You can attend a colleague’s work party or host one yourself. Involving your partner in the planning and organization of this work party makes a great date idea, and it’s one more way you both can spend the holiday season together.

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