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How to Hang Christmas Lights Around Windows

How to Hang Christmas Lights Around Windows

I normally start my Christmas decoration by hanging lights around the kitchen window in the second week of November. Small LED lights are the most suitable for my window frame, but there are several other light types, and you need to know which type is best for your window.

Choose the Window Christmas Lights

  • LED Lights: These will make better Christmas lights around the window frame than incandescent lights. This is because they’re more durable, and their energy efficiency makes them better suited to homes with one power source.
  • Miniature-Sized Lighting: This light is perfect because it’s practical enough to provide enough aesthetic illumination for your windows without overwhelming them.
  • Incandescent Lights: This is also a good option if you want your hanging lights to give off a warm glow. Incandescent lights are less durable and less energy-efficient than LED lighting, so you’ll have to replace them often.
  • Battery-Operated Lights: You’ll need this if you don’t have a power source and would rather not be bothered with extension cords. Battery-operated lights come in small strands and a tiny battery pack. You can order them online or purchase them in stores nearby.
  • White Lights: This is the go-to option to add variety to your home if you’ve installed colored lights in other parts of your home
  • Traditional Christmas Lights: Though other lights can be used for Christmas decoration purposes, none does it quite as well as the Christmas-colored lights. Combinations such as green and red light strands or white and blue add depth and cheer to your windows.

Use Christmas Light Window Clips

The number of Christmas light clips depends on the size of your window. I prefer the clips to be close together to prevent sagging and place them every 12 to 16 inches. I find these mini Christmas light suction cups ideal because they secure the lighting in place and are transparent, which makes them less noticeable.

Installing the Lights

This is what I do to hang lights around windows. I hope these steps will help you too:

#1: Inspect the Lights

Inspecting the lights is the most important thing to avoid installing faulty or broken bulbs.

First, test if your lights work by attaching their plug to a power source. If it lights up, you’re good to go. If you find a bad light bulb, you can replace the bulb or use a different roll of lighting with no faulty light.

If you bought the light recently, return it for a replacement.

#2: Connect the Roll of Lights

Use the plug that is at the end of each strand and link the strand of light together. While doing this, make sure that the lights are facing the same direction for uniformity.

Now attach the suction cups to the window glass or frame. Whether you install them inside or outside your windows depends on your design and the type of lights you have.

Put one cup per corner (which is 4 for the corners of each window) and 1-2 cups at each side of the window. This will enable the light to hang properly.

#3: Hang Christmas Lights

Now it is time to hang the lights on the clips. Start from the highest point of the window and move down gradually with the lights and place the light strand into the grip of the hooks. Ensure they face the same direction.

#4: Secure the Lights

The light clips are normally strong to hold the lights around the window. The more light clips you use, the less weight will be on each hook. If you need extra strength, you can use transparent tape at the base of the light bulb to attach them firmly to the adhesive hooks. You can also use plastic cable ties around the bulb’s body to hold it in place and prevent it from swaying.

#5: Turn on the Light

After installing the lights, plug it into the power source and watch it illuminate all your windows. It will be a beautiful sight.


Hang Lights Outside the Window

When you hang Christmas lights outside the window, install external power outlets or use an extension cord. Use weather-proof and durable lighting.

Use the Same Type of Lights

If you want to use LED lights, stick to them. Avoid mixing it with incandescent lights because it will cause too much color contrast. You should be aiming for a uniform look. So string bulbs will emit the same kind of illumination.

Mix and Match

Before you decide on the color of the lights for your windows, consider other parts of the home. For instance, I do not recommend using green light bulbs on your windows if your railings or deck has that color already. Use red instead. The contrast between both colors will give a visually appealing appearance. You can also use multicolored lighting on the window if you use mono-colored lighting in other areas. The point is to let your window lighting complement others.

I recommend sticking to a certain light type, considering the lighting in other areas, and ensuring the one you want to install on your windows complements them. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

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