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These 5 Gift Boxes With Home-made Honey Will Sweeten Up your Christmas

These 5 Gift Boxes With Home-made Honey Will Sweeten Up your Christmas

Do you know sending honey as a gift to your loved one has significant symbolic meaning?

According to ancient cultures, honey represents purity, truth, nature, knowledge, and good health when you give honey as a gift.

You can also gift honey with the wish that your relationship with a special person stays as sweet as honey forever.

Furthermore, personalizing your gift boxes with homemade honey adds value and shows that someone took the time and care to craft them for you.

And what other holiday could possibly be more appropriate than Christmas to deliver such a present to someone?

In this article, we have listed such gift ideas for you. Without further ado, let’s jump to check out the ideas.

Personalized gift ideas are the most desirable and meaningful present you can give your loved one on Christmas. Continue reading to learn about more honey-based gift ideas.

1. Honey Jars With Personalized Label

Honey is the healthiest gift item you can think of to present at Christmas. On top of that, if you are passionate about honey extraction by yourself, it must be a fun activity to do during the Christmas holidays.

All you need is the best honey extractor, wooden drizzler, and glass honey pot to craft this gift item at home. And right after your honey extraction is done, save it in the new glass jar.

Now to give a personalized touch to your gift, you need to order a label printer. Or, you can always mark the jar with a handwritten label.

However, since printed labels look much more organized and you can print labels with your customized honey bee logo, you must try them out for sending gifts.

Write best wishes for Christmas or a note with sweetness like honey, and pack the jar with a wooden drizzler in a box.

2. Honey-Scented Candle

During the Christmas season, you hope that the lives of all your loved ones shine brightly. Why not send the light to them this time?

Take a DIY project of making honey-scented candles at home. You can infuse your homemade honey in the wax and make candles in any shape and size you want. Depending on the flower the bees take nectar and pollen from, every honey tastes and smells different.

Another great idea to make this DIY project more fun is to melt and render the beeswax from the honeycomb that is left after extraction.

Beeswax has a higher melting point than paraffin which makes the candle slow burner. Not to mention the subtle and delicate fragrance of honey-scented candles will create an amazingly fresh aura in the surroundings. For

3. Hot Tea Kit

The goodness and health benefits of honey are remarkable for the human body. It acts as a natural sweetener and provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Hence, if you are planning Christmas gifts made with honey for your health-conscious friend or your old granny, you can pack a beautiful hot tea kit for them.

In a honeycomb textured box, put tea bags of different flavors, a honey jar, a small wooden spoon, flowers, and a note to wish ‘Marry Christmas!’ Cover the box with a transparent gift rapper and tie it with red and white ribbons.

Your Christmas present is ready to post!

4. Honey-infused Food Items

Be the star of a party by taking a food item or multiple items with you when you are invited to a party for Christmas. With the homemade honey, you can make snack items to take with you as a present.

Infusing honey with butter, popcorn balls, bread, nuts and almonds, granola bars, mini whole-wheat loaves, apple oatmeal cups, and Christmas special pancakes is possible!

Another delicious recipe to try with honey is grilled meat or fish. You will surely want to taste it again after having it once. With special grill sauces and spices, honey glaze adds a wonderful taste to the fish or meat taste.

5. Organic Honey Skincare Gift Box

You can include a handful of organic skin care products made with honey in the honey gift box.

People have been using honey for skin care purposes since ancient times. You can use organic raw materials and make body mousse, moisturizer masks, soap, lip scrub, hand cream, hydrating hair masks, and many more skincare products with honey.

Here is a small guide on how to prepare them:

Honey Bar Soaps

Soap is something everyone uses, and your friends and family will far more appreciate a homemade soap bar created from natural ingredients than store-bought soap.

Here are the steps to make it at home:

Step 01: Make goat’s milk soap by combining a conventional soap base with a goat’s milk soap base.

Step 02: Add a few drops of lavender essential oil with the raw honey in the soap base.

Step 03: When the soap has dried, you can package them in any way you choose. You can use this soap in a relaxing bath or to keep your hands soft and warm all winter long.

After you are done with the gift box preparation, write best wishes on the Christmas card and place presents under the Christmas tree for your loved ones to find.

Lip Scrub

You simply need three products that you probably already have in your kitchen to make the absolute finest honey lip scrub. Those who are passionate about taking care of themselves and using various beauty products will adore receiving one of these homemade scrubs as a present.

Step 01: Mix Coconut oil with freshly extracted honey at home.

Step 02: Slowly add brown sugar to make sure the scrub doesn’t become too thick.

Step 03: Store the mixture and leave it in the freezer overnight before packing.

Make sure you send the gift as soon as possible after making them at home. Furthermore, inform the gift recipient to store it in a cool and dry place.

This natural lip scrub retains moisture all winter long for soft lips. You should expect a lot of positive feedback and requests for more of this modest present.


Hopefully, you can find a personalized gift item to make with honey this Christmas. You can also find accessories, for example, bee shaped key chain or pendant. Add them to your homemade honey gift box to make it remarkable.

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