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A Letter to Santa Claus

A Letter to Santa Claus

It has been snowing for weeks, and the town is covered in a white winter blanket. The smell of cookies and gingerbread fills the air, and Christmas decorations glimmer everywhere.

 “Hey Max, is your Christmas party tomorrow?” asks Philip, a friend from the soccer team.

“Yes, but I don’t have a Christmas tree yet,” replies Max. Philip forms a snowball and throws it at Lisa, laughing, “A Christmas party without a Christmas tree?”

“Ouch, Philip! That hurt!” Lisa yells. “I’m done playing!” She pouts and sits down in the snow.

Max assures, “Don’t worry, I’ll still find a fir tree in time.” “Well, I’ll see about that,” Philip says and throws another snowball, this time at Max.

“I have an idea!” Lisa says, “Let’s write a letter to Santa Claus. He can quickly bring us a fir tree.” Philip boos, “Ha ha, even if Santa really does exist, he couldn’t bring the tree that fast either.” Ignoring Philip, Max agrees with Lisa, “Good idea! We can just give the letter to the mailman.”

“The mailman? He’s not coming today,” says Philip. “Well, I meant a snowman mailman,” Max grins. “Ouch!” Lisa yells, shoveling a mound of snow with her gloves. Together, Max and Lisa start shaping a large, round ball out of the mound of snow. Philip also joins in. They roll and shape the snow together until they have a snowman taller than they are.

Lisa tucks the letter to Santa under the bucket, serving as the snowman’s hat.

“Dear snowman, please give this letter to Santa Claus,” Max says to the snowman, “We’re having a Christmas party for all the town’s kids tomorrow, and we need a Christmas tree.” “Ha ha!” Philip laughs out loud. “Well, good luck with that!” he says as he turns to leave, “I have to go home now. See you tomorrow!”

“Do you really think this will work?” Max asks Lisa. “Of course! We just need to believe,” Lisa replies. As darkness falls, they head home, but Max takes one last look at the snowman, hoping Santa gets the letter.

The next morning, Max wakes up early. He quickly runs down the stairs and puts his coat and boots on over his pajamas. He rushes out into the garden. There stands a tall, bright green fir tree next to the snowman. Max can hardly believe it. He looks under the bucket. The letter is no longer there.

“You see, Max,” says Lisa, who has followed him into the garden, “If you believe in something very strongly, it will come true.” Max laughs, “This is going to be the best Christmas party in the whole town!”

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