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A Magical Advent Calendar

A Magical Advent Calendar

Tomorrow is December 1st. Mom and Dad hang the Advent calendars in Lisa’s and Max’s rooms.

“Hmmm!” grumbles Lisa, as she sights her calendar hanging on the wall above her bed. A long string of 24 old packages. All no bigger than Lisa’s nose.

“That looks odd,” Max yells from his room, “Dad gave me a much bigger Advent calendar!” He slams Lisa’s bedroom door behind him.

“He’s right,” Lisa whispers, inspecting the calendar. It smells like old cardboard. “Someone has opened the packages before,” she notices.

“Yes, that was me when I was your age.” Mom admits, “I resealed them all, though.”

“Don’t listen to Max,” Mom says. “This is a very special Advent calendar.” She pats Lisa’s head.

“Your grandma made it for me when I was a child,” she smiles, leaving Lisa alone in the room.

Lisa doesn’t know what’s so special about the calendar. She sniffs the packages, disappointed. “There’s not even chocolate in it,” she thinks.

She carefully shakes the package marked ONE. Suddenly, she hears a soft voice say, “Wait! It’s not my turn until tomorrow!”

“I can’t sleep,” Lisa says.

“All right,” the voice says. All of a sudden, the package opens, revealing a figure in an angel’s robe with a trombone in its hand. “Are you a Christmas angel?” Lisa asks. The angel nods, places the trombone to her lips, and plays “Silent Night.”

“Advent is the season of songs and stories,” the angel says. “This year, I will have a surprise for you every day.”

“Oh, how great!” says Lisa, bouncing excitedly in her bed.

“But for now, go to bed. I’ll be back tomorrow,” the angel assures, flying back into the package.

“Good night, Lisa!” the angel whispers.

“Good night!” Lisa replies, pulling her covers up. “I’ve always wanted an angel!” she whispers and immediately falls asleep.

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