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6 Plants That Flower at Christmas

6 Plants That Flower at Christmas

Are you looking for plants that flower at Christmas? I have gathered my favorite plants that keep your home like a greenhouse through the winter. Most plants mentioned here are gorgeously eye-catching and hardy and have Christmas-inspired color combinations.

Check out our list below and decide for yourself:

1. Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis Orchids bloom during or late winter, making it an ideal way to add color to your home. These are hardy, fast-growing, and easy to maintain.

Just ensure that the plant gets an adequate amount of light. However, do not place it under direct sunlight. For it to thrive, this plant should be placed in areas with temperatures of around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remember that when these orchids are shipped, you might receive them with dry roots. Do not panic since this is quite normal for this type of plant. In this case, you must soak them in lukewarm water for a few minutes and plant them in an orchid medium.

2. Lavender Christmas Cactus Plant

The famous succulent trend is still on even during wintertime. The lavender Christmas cactus plant is a sought-after houseplant. It is also known as a Thanksgiving cactus because it commonly blooms on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas.

It has linked sections that are fascinating to behold. The leaf-like pads often produce purple, red, pink, or white flowers. It is effortless to grow and desires very bright sunlight. However, you should never put it under the sun.

3. ‘Ziva’ Paperwhites Flower Bulbs

Cultivating the ‘Ziva’ Paperwhites Flower Bulbs is very simple. You only need to nestle the narcissus bulbs inside a dish with stones and add a small amount of water. This plant requires regular watering and full sunlight.

It comes in 10 Daffodil bulbs that are large and healthy. Growing them is simple as you just need to place them in a flowerpot, which is not included in the package.

4. Red Lion Amaryllis

Red Lion Amaryllis consists of large flowering plants that grow an average of 20-24 inches tall. Its blooming season takes around six to ten weeks in winter after planting.

Be prepared to be enchanted with the beauty of these slender ornaments! Besides, this kit makes a great gift since it comes with a bulb and pot.

5. Ivory Prince (Christmas Rose)

Ivory Prince (Christmas Rose) is not your traditional red rose. This Hellebores does not even belong to the rose family but from the buttercup family. Nonetheless, its flower resembles a wild rose, and its white petals have pink edges.

You can quickly grow this white Christmas rose in well-drained, humusy, and organic soil. You will have to wait for a while before witnessing its creamy white petals since it blooms very early in spring.

6. Nellie Stevens Holly Tree

Nellie Stevens Holly Tree can grow up to 50 feet tall. Thus, it is not ideal for growing inside.  Nevertheless, the average mature height is between 15 to 25 feet and a width of 10 to 12 feet.

You can use this plant as your main Christmas attraction since it makes a brilliant border, screen, and tall hedge. You may also utilize wreaths or little shrubs to add a cheerful touch to your household.

It has a pyramidal and broad growth and comes with shiny, dark green leaves with 2 to 3 teeth on every side.

Final Thoughts

There are so many beautiful plants that flower around Christmas time. You only need to pick the one that matches your preference and that your home can accommodate. Besides, these plants are excellent and affordable gifts for your loved ones who are plant lovers.

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