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Santa’s Reindeer Names and Personalities

Santa’s Reindeer Names and Personalities

Everyone loves Santa’s reindeer pulling the sleigh across the sky! But do you know all their names? There are nine reindeer in total, and I am sure you know at least four of them.

Santa’s Reindeer Names

1. Dasher

Dasher is Santa’s lead reindeer. She is a smart, friendly reindeer who loves running and playing around. Dasher is a great friend to all her friends but can also be a bit bossy sometimes. She has an exceptional bond with Vixen, the mother of the other reindeer.

2. Dancer

Dancer is one of Santa’s Reindeer names, and she is always dancing around when she gets excited about something. She is swift and loves to run around with Dasher when they play together. Dancer can be a bit shy sometimes, but she will always stand up for herself if she needs to!

3. Prancer

Prancer is one of Santa’s affectionate reindeer who loves to prance around in the snow! She is friendly and gentle towards everyone she meets and the other reindeer. Prancer isn’t afraid to speak her mind when something needs to be said!

4. Vixen

Vixen is a female deer and the leader of the group. She is also known as the enchanting reindeer Vixen, for she is feisty and strong-willed but also protective of her herd. Vixen is sometimes seen as a bully by the other reindeer, but she only acts this way because she wants what’s best for all of them. She can also see perfectly, even when it’s heavily snowing or raining! She helps guide Santa through dangerous terrains such as mountains or volcanoes.

5. Rudolph – Red-nosed Reindeer

Santa’s guiding light, Rudolph, is a red-nosed reindeer whose peers have ridiculed because of the appearance. Rudolph is also a bit of an underdog, as Santa nearly left Rudolph behind due to the deformity. Rudolph is kind, brave, and loyal to Santa Claus. The red-nosed reindeer leads Santa’s sleigh at night to guide Santa through foggy weather conditions with the red, shiny nose!

6. Donner

Donner is a friendly reindeer who loves being part of the show. She loves making new friends every year and always ensures they feel welcome by offering them a cup of hot cocoa as they get off the sleigh. Donner has been around for a long time, so she is the oldest of the reindeer. She is also the most experienced, which makes her a good leader. Donner always ensures that the other reindeer are following her correctly and doesn’t let them deviate from their course.

7. Comet

Comet is the fastest of all the reindeer and the one who pulls Santa’s sleigh. She has also always been one of Santa’s most loyal reindeer. A hard worker with a big heart, she loves to fly above the clouds and make the children smile when Santa stops by their house!

When she’s not flying over the rooftops with her friends or visiting all the children in their homes, Comet likes spending time with her family at home on the North Pole.

8. Blitzen

Blitzen has been with Santa since she was first given a sleigh by Odin, the Norse god of wisdom, death, and magic. Her name means “lightning” in Norwegian, and she has a white coat with red hair on top that looks like lightning bolts down her back. She is portrayed as being very wise and calm by nature but also very brave — she once saved Santa from drowning when they were caught in a storm during one of their deliveries!

9. Cupid

Cupid is a young reindeer on the Santa Claus team. She is a female reindeer who is often seen as a pet of Prancer because of her size and appearance. She’s also known for her love of sugar cubes and her tendency to call other reindeer “honey.” She also loves to put people in compromising situations by tickling them, which she thinks is hilarious.

Who Is Santa’s Favorite Reindeer?

In some versions of the famous story, Rudolph was not considered Santa’s favorite because Rudolph was too small and weak. But when Santa needed help delivering toys on Christmas Eve after his sleigh got stuck in a blizzard, Rudolph proved to be brave and resourceful by leading Santa’s sleigh out of danger through the misty fog using the glowing nose as a beacon. After this incident, everyone loved the red-nosed reindeer, and Rudlph became the most famous reindeer!

Reindeer pulling the sleigh in snow

Did You Know?

Santa’s reindeer are friendly and cute and have a magical ability to fly. They were first domesticated by the Saami, an indigenous people who live in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. Nowadays, Santa’s Reindeer are one of the best-loved Christmas symbols.

Some believe that all of Santa’s reindeer are females (yes, even Rudolph) because only female reindeer have antlers in winter.

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