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What Do Santa and His Reindeer Eat and Drink

What Do Santa and His Reindeer Eat and Drink

Santa’s favorite food is milk and cookies. Santa’s reindeer like to eat carrots, which many children leave out for them on Christmas Eve. These treats provide the reindeer with energy for their long journey around the world.

What Does Santa Eat?

Santa Claus has a big job on Christmas. He travels all around the world, delivering presents to children. With such a busy night, he needs lots of energy to keep going. In many homes across the globe, children prepare a plate of milk and sugar cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. These aren’t just any snacks; they are Santa’s absolute favorite! But if every household leaves at least one cookie for Santa, how many cookies does he eat? If Santa were to eat one cookie from each of the millions of households that leave them out on Christmas Eve, he would consume several million cookies in one night.

Yes, Santa has a sweet tooth, but he likes more than just cookies and chocolate. In many countries, it is a tradition to leave a warm mince pie for Santa. This sweet pie is filled with a mixture of dried fruits and spices, and Santa loves it. Some also leave slices of fruit cake or Christmas pudding for him.

How does he eat all of this in one night? Maybe he has a super-sized stomach just for the holidays, or the reindeer help him out.

milk and cookies for Santa

What Does Santa Drink?

After traveling on the cold winter night, Santa sometimes craves something warm. In some homes, especially where it’s extra chilly, kids leave a hot mug of hot cocoa for Santa. But Santa’s classic drink is a big glass of white milk. It goes perfectly with all those cookies. Some children even surprise him with flavored milk, like chocolate milk.

While the most popular drink left out for Santa is milk, some children and families choose to leave out a glass of water for Santa, especially in regions where milk might not be as commonly consumed. Water can be a refreshing choice for Santa as he travels around the world on his busy Christmas journey.

In some cultures and traditions, adults leave out alcoholic beverages for Santa Claus. For instance, in the UK, it’s not uncommon for people to leave a glass of sherry or mulled wine for Santa. In Ireland, a pint of Guinness might be left out. However, these traditions vary by region and family. Remember that these are cultural stories and traditions, and the idea is to offer a gesture of hospitality to Santa.

What Do Santa’s Reindeer Eat?

Santa’s reindeer are truly special. Not only do they have the magical ability to fly, but they also guide Santa’s sleigh through the night sky. With such an important job, they need good food and drink to keep their energy up.

While reindeer don’t enjoy cookies like Santa, they have their own special treats. Many children prepare a mix of oats and glittering sprinkles, often called “magical reindeer food,.” Some fill the mix into little bags, some leave it on a plate, and some kids scatter it on their lawns. The oats give them the strength to fly. The sprinkles are believed to help guide them through the dark sky.

oats with spinkles magical reindeer food

Carrots and apples are crunchy, sweet, and full of nutrients. Many children leave a few carrots or apple slices together with Santa’s milk and cookies.

What Do Santa’s Reindeer Drink?

Reindeer need to stay hydrated, too! With the crunchy carrots and apples that kids leave out, reindeer often find bowls of fresh water waiting for them. In some magical tales, it’s said that reindeer also love to drink dewdrops collected from leaves and grass. These dewdrops, kissed by the moonlight, are like a special Christmas elixir for them.

young deer waiting for food

So, if you’re thinking of leaving something out for Santa and his reindeer this Christmas, consider these favorites. I am sure they will appreciate the gesture and might even give a jingle of their bells as a thank you!

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