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DIY Stranger Things Lights for Your Next Christmas Party

DIY Stranger Things Lights for Your Next Christmas Party

Stranger Things is one of the most popular thriller series of the past 6 years, and in the last year or two, it has become even more popular. There’s been a lot of buzz about the quality of the plot, characters, and delivery. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if everyone who comes to your horror-themed Christmas party thinks your Stranger Things lights are cool.

Before you head to the store to buy ready-made Stranger Things lights, you should know that doing so may not be necessary. The show’s thematic string lights are pretty much regular C9 bulbs, so if you have C9 bulbs and a few other lights accessories, you can make your own Stranger Things lights.

Materials You Need

To make your Stranger Things lights, you need the following:

C9 Bulbs: You need 2 types of C9 bulbs: twinkle and non-twinkle bulbs. Also, you need these bulbs in multiple colors.

You’ll need more non-twinkle bulbs than twinkle bulbs – a 2-to-1 ratio would be okay. So, take note of this while retrieving the C9 bulbs in your basement. The non-twinkle bulbs will set the main appearance of the lights, while the twinkle bulbs add the spookiness.

C9 Bulk Light Line: Of course, you need an anchor for the C9 bulbs, and that is where the bulk light line comes in.

  • Socket: When getting a C9 bulk light line, ensure you get one with a socket spacing between 6-12 inches since this range is closer to what was used in the show.
  • Cord Thickness/SPT Rating: You get to choose between two SPT ratings. If you intend to use the lights occasionally, an SPT-1 cord would be fine. But if you will use the lights for months on end, consider getting an SPT-2 cord.
  • Length: C9 bulk lines are typically 25 to 1000 feet long. The length of the cord you get should be at least 4-5 times the length of your backdrop since you will be spanning the lights across the backdrop 3-4 times.

Paint – preferably black paint.

Backdrop – preferably a manila-colored material shaped like a rectangle. You could use a large piece of paper or cardboard. Alternatively, you could use an old bedsheet. Your backdrop could also be your walls – they will work just fine if they are manila-colored or something close.

Paintbrush – you need this to write out letters on your backdrop with the paint.

Fabric Adhesive or Standard Adhesive – if you are using fabric as the backdrop, get fabric adhesive. But if you are using cardboard, the standard adhesive should be fine.

Transparent Tape – you need this to attach your C9 lights to the backdrop. Ensure you get a tape with very strong adhesion. This way, the lights will hold up without issues.

How to Make Your DIY Stranger Things Lights for Your Christmas Party

Four Stranger Things Light Ideas for Christmas Party

Step 1: Attach your backdrop material to a wall, preferably in the main party area. You can use fabric adhesive or standard adhesive to hold the backdrop in place.

Step 2: Write out all the letters of the alphabet on the backdrop in no more than 3 rows. If you want to add your touch of spookiness, you could write something like ‘Be Afraid’, ‘I’m Coming for You’, or ‘Run!!!’ in the 4th row of the backdrop.

If it would make things easier for you, you may write the letters on the backdrop before hanging it on a wall.

Step 3: Span your C9 cord across the backdrop 3-4 times, following the space between each row of letters. If the length of the cord is perfect already, you wouldn’t have to cut it. All you must do is attach a male and a female plug on opposite ends of the cord. Of course, you only need to do this if the plugs are attached already.

On the flip side, if the cord is too long for the backdrop, trim it. After trimming it, attach the male plug and female plug on opposite ends of the cord.

Step 4: Screw the bulbs into the cord. While doing this, place a twinkle in the middle of every 2 non-twinkle bulbs. This will help you achieve some level of eeriness, as mentioned earlier.

Step 5: Hang the cord on your backdrop (which should already be attached to the wall) using your transparent tape. And you are all done!

Things to Note

Do not overload your outlet’s breaker. In other words, do not connect a string of more than 200 C9 bulbs to a socket.

Multiple sockets are, in some cases, connected to one circuit breaker. In such a case, you must not connect more than 200 bulbs to all of them at the same time.

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