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How to Wrap Columns With Christmas Lights Like a Pro

How to Wrap Columns With Christmas Lights Like a Pro

To wrap columns with Christmas lights, start from the top and gradually work the string down while securing the string with zip ties. Here are the materials you need and the steps to decorate your columns for Christmas.


  • Firstly, you’ll need the Christmas lights. These garland lights will be an absolute stunner.
  • A ladder (optional). Some columns are barely 7 feet.
  • Zip ties or plastic hooks
  • Packing tape (optional)
  • Extension cords

Step-by-Step Guide to Hang Lights

  • Unbox your lights and unroll them. For better visual effect, ensure the color of your holiday lights matches or complements the columns’ color.
  • Start from the top, wrap the lights around the column once, and tie it into a knot. You can secure the knot with a zip tie or hook. Ensure you begin at the top with the starting point of your light string where a little box is. That’s where you’ll connect the extension cords running from the power outlet. If your columns are tall, you’ll use your ladder for this step.
  • Now, work your way down the porch columns. You can decide to hang lights by wrapping them in a slanted pattern or a flat pattern, but make sure there’s an even space between each wrap.
  • If the light string is very long, wrap lights multiple times on a single spot and repeat that move consistently as you work your way down.
  • Run the string downwards to the next spot and then wrap that line multiple times, some inches below the first wrap.
  • While executing the above step, ensure you create a loop and secure it with a zip tie after wrapping the lights twice or thrice on that spot.
  • Repeat the process on other columns when you’re done wrapping a column. It should be one light string per column.
  • When you’re done, run an extension cord across your roof from one of the electrical outlets in the home and attach it with the light strings at the top of the columns.
  • Switch on the lights and watch your lights illuminate your columns. Such a beauty, right?

The video tutorial below will give you a good visual idea of how to wrap a column with Christmas string lights:

You may want to wrap or hang other Christmas decorations, such as garlands or wreaths, on your columns. This will add to the aesthetic appeal. Ensure it doesn’t cover the lights, and its arrangement doesn’t ruin that of your lights as well.

Take Home Tips

  1. You may need to use packing tape instead of zip ties or hooks.
  2. Don’t use string lights designed for indoor use on your columns. Ensure you’re purchasing lights for outdoor use.
  3. While using your ladder to install the string lights, be careful to position it well on the porch or ground. Better still, have one or two people holding it for you while you work.

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