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Top 8 Frozen Christmas Tree Ideas

Top 8 Frozen Christmas Tree Ideas

The Frozen films are some of the most popular animated movies from Disney in recent times, and rightly so. The project had sound story lines, well-developed characters, and top-notch production quality. You may have come across various Frozen-themed items, from birthday cakes to bedroom decor, toys, party decorations, and clothing. If any such item has inspired you to try out a Frozen Christmas tree idea, you are on the right page. We share some of the best Frozen Christmas tree ideas across the web.

Frozen Christmas Tree Made With Canvases and Frames

Frozen Christmas Tree Made With Canvases and Frames
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The core of this Disney Frozen Christmas tree idea is the use of ornaments that come in the main colors of the Frozen films. The presence of said colors – blue, white, and silver – brings to mind the atmosphere of the movie. At the same time, those colors are some of the cheeriest Christmas colors: white with its purity, silver with its shimmer, and blue with its coolness.

From the image, you can see blue baubles, silver baubles, white snowball ornaments, white snowflakes, and white beads. These do more than just showcase the color scheme of the films. They represent some of the objects in the Frozen movies, especially snow-related objects.

The ribbons on the Christmas tree also come in white, blue, and silver. Of course, they highlight the Frozen films’ color scheme. But more importantly, they embody Elsa’s dressing and general appearance.

Besides using regular Christmas decorations, you may decorate your Frozen tree with Frozen ornaments. You may buy an action figure collection from the official Disney merchandise website. Alternatively, you could create a canvas with your favorite quotes or a framed picture of your favorite Frozen characters.

Overall, this Frozen Christmas tree inspiration is very detailed and creative. You will surely have fun decorating yours. You may even let your kids and their friends have all the fun while you guide them.

Mini Frozen Tree

Mini Frozen Christmas Tree
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If you want multiple Frozen Christmas trees for your tables, shelves, and mantels, this decor is perfect for you. It doesn’t have as many details as the first option, but it highlights some of the dominant colors from the Frozen films. It also uses some thematic ornaments, including snowflakes.

The major items that create the Frozen feel on this Christmas tree are the framed photos of Anna and Elsa. So, when you decorate your version of this Frozen Christmas tree, pay attention to them as they will define the overall quality of your tree.

Olaf’s Christmas Tree

Olaf's Frozen Christmas tree ideas
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One thing sets this design apart from the common Frozen Christmas tree ideas: it gives Olaf more presence than Anna and Elsa. So, if Olaf is your kids’ favorite Frozen character or your favorite character, you may love this one.

This option fairly highlights the colors of the Disney Frozen movies. It uses a whole lot of blue and less white and silver, and while this works, more white and silver would have been better.

If we were to recreate this, we would make the snowflakes and other ornaments sparser or use a bigger tree. We may also opt for a lighter shade of blue and get a few of these Olaf Christmas ornaments.

Modern Frozen Christmas Tree

Modern Frozen Christmas Tree
Photo Credit: MagMent

This Frozen Christmas tree is perfect for modern interior designs. The restricted color scheme alongside the complementary color shades gives it an air of simplicity and elegance.

As expected, this option includes white and blue and uses snowflakes as ornaments. So, it is on theme. Like the previous decor, it makes Olaf the central character. So, if you love Olaf and modern designs, this is for you.

Let It Snow

This Frozen decoration has a wonderland feeling to it – possibly because the mesh ribbons create the impression of fairy wings.

Away from the mesh ribbon, this Frozen tree is filled with a significant amount of action figures. So, it wouldn’t be hard to guess the theme of your tree. The inclusion of snowflakes and the generous use of blue and white only further emphasize the theme.

This tree decor is really beautiful. However, when recreating it, we will stick with one Christmas light color – preferably warm lights. The use of blue lights in this inspiration seems to interrupt the overall feel of the Christmas tree.

White Frozen Christmas Tree

White Frozen Christmas Tree Idea
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Unlike the other Christmas trees we’ve discussed so far, this uses a white Christmas tree. And the use of a white tree in place of a green one seems like a smart decision because it gives the decor a stronger ‘snow character’.

The choice to use a darker shade of baubles in this actually worked thanks to the strong contrast with the white backdrop. The red and purple baubles also work for the same reason. If the tree were green, the baubles wouldn’t have popped this much.

The downside to using dark blue, red, and purple baubles is that people may not recognize the tree’s Frozen theme until they move closer and see the pictures of Anna and Elsa.

Olaf’s Golden Tree

Olaf's Golden frozen Christmas tree ideas
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Here’s another Frozen Christmas tree that gives Olaf action figures a dominant presence. Unlike the other Olaf-dominated trees we’ve discussed, the ornaments on this tree are sparser. This makes it easier for people observing the tree to appreciate its details.

Another feature that makes this decor different from the others is the Christmas lights. The lights create a golden/warm air around the tree.

If you would rather add to the cool/frozen character of the tree, you may use white Christmas lights instead of warm ones.

Outdoor Elsa Tree

This Frozen Christmas tree is not only massive, but it is very creative. The use of mesh ribbons as Elsa’s hair and dress alongside the picture of her face is just amazing. What is even more impressive is the way these adornments align perfectly on the tree to create the character’s figure.

If you are using this design for your outdoor holiday decoration, you may use a white tree in place of a green one. This should give the design a more “Frozen” look. Also, in place of white and blue lights, you could use only white lights.

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