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4 Ways to Hang Christmas Lights on Siding

4 Ways to Hang Christmas Lights on Siding

If you don’t have any trees to hang your Christmas decorations you can hang your Christmas lights on siding. You can use vinyl siding hooks, suction cups, wire hooks, or twist ties. It is a perfect place for an amazing outdoor display of lights.

Option 1: Vinyl Siding Clips

Clips are the most common way to hang decorations on vinyl siding. They come in several different styles and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they have a bent design that grip the ridges of your vinyl siding, so they don’t puncture or scratch your siding. They’re also easy to install and remove when you’re done decorating for the season.

Vinyl Siding Clips to Hang Christmas Lights on Siding

Vinyl siding hooks are made of stainless steel, which keeps them securely attached to the house. They work well with all outdoor Christmas lights, including LED, incandescent, or other bulbs.

You can find these clips here or at most home improvement stores. They usually come in packs of 10 or 25, but if you’re hanging just a few strands of lights, one pack will be more than enough for your project.

Use clips at the top of the house if you want the lights to be visible from the street. For more shine on your lawn, choose a spot near a window or door where they will be visible from inside the house. If you have shrubs or trees near your house that block views from inside, place clips on the sides of the house where they can be seen through windows or doors.

To install the clips, use a hammer to tap them into place. The best place to install them is on the edge of the vinyl siding, where it meets the house. If you use this method, make sure that you put the clip in a location that won’t be visible from inside your home. Also, ensure you don’t put any clips over windows or doors.

Once you have installed the clips, attach your lights to them. Simply take one end of your string of lights and place it in a clip. Then take another end and place it in another clip to connect them. Continue doing this until all of your light strings fit correctly across your entire length of vinyl siding (or whatever type of siding you have).

Before decorating your home, ensure the structure is stable and will not cause any damage. If you have concerns about stability, consult with a contractor or architect who can help you determine how to ensure the safety of your home.

Option 2: Suction Cups

Hanging Christmas Lights in Siding With Adhesive Attachments and Suction Cups

Suction cups can adhere to the side of your house so you can hang the lights directly on the siding. They are made of plastic and come in different sizes, and can fit over any size window or door. Place these suction cups on the side of your home, press them down firmly, and then hang your lights up.

Before hanging holiday lights on your siding, ensure the surface is clean and dry. If there are any cracks or tiny holes in the vinyl siding, repair them with a patch. Afterward, wipe the surface with a damp cloth to remove dust or dirt.

Once you’ve chosen the correct attachment, allow it to set according to the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to hang Christmas lights on the siding. You don’t want your new light display to fall off within minutes!

Place the lights on your hooks carefully to avoid ruining the robustness of the attachment.

Option 3: Srew-in Wire Hooks

Wire hooks are a classic choice for hanging lights on the siding. The nails of these light hanger hooks can easily be screwed into any wooden beam or inserted into a pre-drilled hole of a gutter, eave, or other surfaces. The hooks hold up to 16.5 pounds and are ideal for hanging Christmas lights in windier locations. Because screw-in wire hooks are so strong, they can also hang larger decorations such as inflatable reindeer or Christmas trees.

Mark the spot with a pencil or chalk.

Use a drill to make holes into the wall at the marks and then drive in screws and nails up to two inches long.

Hang the hooks over the screw heads, ensuring enough room between them for your lights.

Push the wire through one hook and wrap it around as many times as needed to form an even loop. Secure it by twisting it around or using pliers if needed. The goal is to secure the wire so it won’t get pulled out when hanging your lights.

Hang your lights along the wire. You may want to test them first by pulling gently on them to make sure they don’t come loose from their hooks.

Option 4: Twist Ties

Twist Ties for House Siding

If you’re looking for something with more flexibility than traditional hooks, twist ties are a great choice! They’re made from strong plastic. If one breaks while in use, replace it with another one – no need to change your entire setup!

Measure the space where you want to install your lights. Please ensure there’s enough space for the lights to fit between each siding board.

Use these twist ties to secure the lights on each board, starting from the bottom up. This will help keep any gaps from forming between boards.

Use a level or straightedge to ensure each row is straight and level with one another. If needed, use shims under each siding board until everything lines up perfectly.

Once you have installed all lights for the house, go back over them again with additional twist ties along edges and corners to ensure they don’t come loose during use or weathering over time.

Some Advice

Hanging Christmas lights on the siding is a simple task that takes some time. Start by laying the lights out and figuring out where you will start hanging them. Take into account the roof line so your lights are noticeable. Plan to hang enough so that you have a good “cascade” down the side of your house.

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