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15 Unique Multi Color Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas

15 Unique Multi Color Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas

Let winter do its thing and rekindle that warm Christmas feel with multi-color Christmas tree decorations. From colorful ribbons to pink pom-poms, here are my favorite DIY Christmas tree decorations for this holiday season.

1. Ribbons on a Tree

Multi Color Ribbons on Christmas Tree
Idea from: InMyOwnStyle

You can make the tree as colorful as possible with a wide range of hues. Besides having many colors to choose from, you can fold the ribbons into various shapes and forms, apart from the style in the image. Of course, you may also add some ornaments to the backdrop.

2. Flocked and Green

If you like decorating pre-lit Christmas trees, this flocked tree design is perfect for a home with a white interior. The setup might be a bit peculiar, but the stylishness is beyond doubt. The core idea of this decoration is to have some greens popping out all over the face of the white backdrop offered by the flocked Christmas tree. To make the tree even more colorful, you can add ornaments or ribbons of different colors. Then to make the white backdrop even more prominent, you can use clear Christmas lights.

3. Rich Tones On Green

Rich Tones On Green Christmas Tree
Idea From: Craftberry Bush

To pull this off, you need a rich, green Christmas tree. Then you need rich tones like red, silver, and blue to accentuate the green tree in the background. The red, blue, black, and silver can come from Christmas ornaments, or you could use colored Christmas lights. Whichever you opt for, moderation is key. If you use too much, you may lose the elegance.

4. Citrus Warmth on Green

Dried Citrus Ornaments Hang on Christmas Tree Branches in Vase
Idea from: A Beautiful Mess

Decorating green Christmas trees with dried orange slices and warm Christmas lights is somewhat subtle yet magical. The oranges enhance the warmth of the Christmas lights without muting the tree’s green color. The combination just works.

You can use other citrus fruits besides oranges if they fit the bill.

5. Multicolored Honeycomb Tree

This is one of the most unique multi-color Christmas tree decorations on this list. Instead of bringing in colorfulness with only the usual ornaments and multicolored lights, this idea adds paper honeycombs of different colors to the splendor. For each paper honeycomb, you can choose any color you want – you do not have to restrict yourself to the colors in the picture. As long as they match the color of the Christmas tree, it should come out fine.

You can buy your paper honeycomb ornaments. But if you want to have some fun while you decorate your tree, you can make the honeycomb ornaments yourself.

6. A Tree Full of Sweets

Multi Color Christmas Tree Full of Sweets
Idea from: The Paper Mama

This multi-color idea literally makes it possible to decorate Christmas trees to your taste. If you love confections, spell that love out by decorating your Christmas tree with a paper cutout of some of your favorite colorful treats. You could throw in some multicolored lights and Christmas balls, but ensure they do not eclipse the treats.

7. Rainbow Tree

Multi Color Rainbow Christmas Tree Decorations in Living Room
Idea from: Inspired By Charm

Sometimes, choosing the hues with which to adorn Christmas trees can be a bit tricky. Sometimes, you will try so many color combinations, and every one will look off. If you are in such a situation, an easy way out is to work with the colors of the rainbow.

Besides being unlike the regular decoration colors, using rainbow colors gives you a vast number of choices when it comes to decoration patterns. You can go from red to violet or violet to red all through. You may also choose to make some parts red to violet while other parts are violet to red. You may also hang some multicolored lights to accentuate the rainbow pattern.

8. Snowing Inside

After decking your Christmas tree with Christmas lights and ornaments as you normally would, you can improve the colorfulness by adding a snow-like touch. An instant snow powder, snow spray, or a flocked artificial tree will come in handy here. You may also add some snow to your wreaths and garlands. When you are done decorating, you should have a colorful Christmas tree that exudes a feeling of warmth and chill at the same time.

9. Azure, Red, and White

Azure, Red, and White Ornaments on Big and Small Christmas Trees

If you are a fan of simple design ideas and your home has a minimalistic decór, this is perfect for you. The color combination radiates enough brightness to keep the mood lively. They are also pretty easy to select.

Light blue hues alongside red and white pair well on a Christmas tree with a dark shade of green, preferably an artificial Christmas tree that has no brown needles. The dark green will complement the bright hues, so it isn’t all excessive. If it isn’t too much, you may use clear lights for some extra white. You may also bring in some dark-green wreaths.

10. Go With Berries

Christmas Tree Decoration With Berries
Idea from: Sugar and Charm

Break away from the tradition of using Christmas balls as ornaments for Christmas trees – use berries instead. You can use berries for not only your Christmas tree but also for wreaths and garlands.

If you would like to stick with the traditional Christmas tones or for simplicity, you could use only red berries on your Christmas tree. But if you are about multicolored design ideas, you could throw in blueberries, currants, green grapes, and even yellow raspberries.

11. Pom-Pom Trees

Multi Color Pom-Pom Christmas Tree Decorations
Idea from: Aww Sam

Pom-pom Christmas trees are one of the most creative multicolored trees I have come across. These artificial Christmas trees are not only beautiful and colorful, they are fluffy too. They are also lightweight and easy to move around. But you might only be able to create one with a limited height. If you are up for a challenge, you could try crafting garlands like you did your pom-pom.

12. Paper Candle Lights

Making paper candle lights is a great option for people who like using clip-on candle Christmas lights as ornaments but want something different this time. One of the differences that come with paper candle lights is flexibility. You can use paper of any color to make the paper candle lights, making any type of Christmas tree as colorful as you want.

Paper candle lights are also relatively lighter than regular candle lights. So, the options you have for hanging them are not limited. Also, paper candle lights do not really have lights on them; their design just makes it seem like that. But you can get Christmas lights for your Christmas tree separately.

13. White As Snow

Winter Woodland White as Snow Christmas Tree
Idea from: SettingForFour

Having an all-white Christmas tree is great if you intend to decorate it with shimmering ornaments. With its soft tone, a whitish Christmas tree will bring out the allure in the shiny decoration items, pushing them towards peak elegance.

When you are not using multicolored lights on the pine, you may use clear lights to make the decoration even more vibrant. But if you are using multicolored lights, adding clear Christmas lights may not work.

14. Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers Christmas Tree Decoration
Idea from: A Beautiful Mess

This multicolored Christmas decoration idea also uses a white Christmas tree. But instead of the usual adornments, you will need a collection of flowers to turn up your tree’s elegance. Depending on what you want, the flowers can be of any color. You may also introduce some Christmas lights if you want more color.

Overall, the styles of this decoration offer an atmosphere reminiscent of both spring and winter. It looks like flowers in snow – at the same time, it looks like one big flower. This option readily screams artificial Christmas pine. So, if you do not want that, you should check other options.

15. Stars and Pinecones

Natural Christmas Tree Decoration With Stars and Pinecones
Idea from: The Painted Hive

Using stars and pinecones is a perfect way to give your Christmas tree a touch of nature. The outlook just feels as close to the real thing as possible – even if what you have is an artificial Christmas pine. However, you may want to avoid using Christmas lights in this decoration. The presence of Christmas lights may only make the whole thing look more artificial. But you may throw in some snowflake decorations.

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