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Xmas vs Christmas: Is Xmas an Acceptable Substitute for Christmas?

Xmas vs Christmas: Is Xmas an Acceptable Substitute for Christmas?

The debate about whether the word ‘Xmas’ is an acceptable substitute for ‘Christmas’ has been going on for centuries. While some people think it is not right to call Christmas ‘Xmas’ because ‘Xmas’ is a shorter way of saying ‘Christmas’, others argue that ‘Xmas’ is a more secular way to celebrate the holiday.

In this article, I will take a look at both sides of the argument and explore why Christmas is also sometimes known as Xmas.

The Origin of the Term Xmas

The origin of the term ‘Xmas’ is not as disrespectful as it may seem. The term ‘Xmas’ was initially used as a religious abbreviation when referring to the religious feast of Christmas. The Church Fathers had used the X symbol as an abbreviation of the name Jesus Christ in manuscripts, letters, and inscriptions, so it became associated with Christmas.

The letter X is actually a Greek abbreviation for the word ‘Christ’. X is the symbol for the first letter of the Greek word ‘chi.’, which is the first letter of the Greek word for Christ. Therefore, ‘Xmas’ can be seen as an alternative way to say ‘Christmas’ as it is a shorthand form of the full name.

So while there are those who might maintain that using ‘Xmas’ is wrong, it is actually a very old tradition, and the abbreviation of ‘Christmas’ has been used for hundreds of years.

Merry Xmas

In modern times, many people opt to use the term ‘Xmas’ as a shorthand version of ‘Christmas’ in titles, letters, card designs, and other materials. This has been a point of contention with some people who argue that it is disrespectful to use the abbreviation Xmas instead of the word ‘Christmas’ itself or that it takes away the religious significance of Christmas. However, for many people, using Xmas is simply about convenience and expediency.

How Can We Use Both Terms Respectfully?

The answer is that it depends on the context. Many people use the ‘Xmas’ to make writing and saying the English word ‘Christmas’ easier and more efficient. In some cases, it can be seen as a sign of respect when used appropriately. For example, some religions may not celebrate Christmas, so using the term ‘Xmas’ can show respect for their beliefs. It can also be used when discussing commercial aspects of Christmas without referring to its religious element of it.

On the other hand, some people might consider using Xmas as disrespectful or irreverent towards its traditional meaning and significance. In these cases, it is best to use the full word, ‘Christmas’. Ultimately, it’s up to individual preferences and consideration of cultural sensitivities when using either Christmas or Xmas.


Regardless of whether you choose to use the term ‘Xmas’ or ‘Christmas’, both words are equally valid ways to refer to the holiday season to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Eve and December 25th every year.

Using either term does not take away from the religious and spiritual significance associated with Christmas. While there are always debates about what is more appropriate to use, at the end of the day it really comes down to personal preference. So go ahead and spread some holiday cheer by using either term! Merry Xmas or Merry Christmas – whatever you choose to say, it will be equally welcomed and appreciated!

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