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9 Best Christmas Tree Train Sets in 2023

9 Best Christmas Tree Train Sets in 2023

Your Christmas tree does not have to be all baubles, stars, and glitter only – switch things up; throw a Christmas tree train set in the mix. Besides adding extra dimension and enchantment to the design of your Christmas tree, Christmas tree train sets might just be the thing that makes Christmas morning and the holiday season as a whole even merrier for your kids. Christmas train sets come in various designs, styles, track shapes, and materials. So, sometimes, making a choice between every option presented to you can be tough. But not to worry, this article contains information that makes it easier to choose the best Christmas train for your tree.

mini christmas village train around tree

#1. – Lionel – The Polar Express Ready-to-Play Set

This Christmas tree train set makes authentic train sounds, including a train whistle, bell, and special train announcements. These make it more of an experience and not just a toy.

Beyond the train sounds, the train track has a flexible design. You can arrange the 32-piece track into 3 shapes: oval, rounded square, and circle. So, if you would love a train set, you can design it in more than one way; this may just be the best Christmas tree train for you.

Beyond the tracks, this train set comes with a locomotive steam engine, passenger cars, and an observation car. You get to operate it with remote control, but you need six C cell batteries to power it.

Colored black, it shouldn’t be hard for this Christmas train set to match most decors. So, if you are finding it hard to get train cars that match your Christmas decoration, check this out.

Overall, the Lionel The Polar Express Ready-to-Play Set is great. The coupling system could be better, however.

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#3. – Hot Bee – Steam Train Set

This Christmas train set comes in two of the most common colors of Christmas – red and gold. So, it will most likely slot right into your Christmas tree decoration.

It comes with many features that give it a realistic feeling. You get authentic sounds, a headlight, and even a smoking chimney feature. Of course, the smoking chimney isn’t actual puffing smoke, but the appearance is pretty close. You’ll need 4 AA batteries to power this feature, so keep this in mind while buying it.

Putting this train set together is not complicated at all. The track forms an oval shape with a pretty wide diameter, so it should definitely fit right under Christmas trees of different sizes. While it is a great product overall, I would have loved it even better if it was built to move. But if they don’t mind, you or your kids could move the train around.

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#3. –  Lionel – North Pole Central Ready-to-Play Freight Set

Colored red, green, silver, black, and gold, this train set should match virtually any Christmas tree color decoration you opt for. Beyond being suitable for various Christmas tree designs, it comes with various features that make the experience beyond toy-like.

For one, it has a whistle, a special announcement sound, and a bell sound. It also has a headlight, holiday-decorated gondola car, and fixed knuckle couplers – enough to give that real train experience.

With this train, you also get a remote control. Then you can style the track in 3 ways: oval, rounded square, and circle. It’s almost like having 3 different Christmas tree train sets. This product would have been even much better if it included instructions for use.

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#4. – Atlasonix – Electric Train Toy

Nothing says Merry Christmas like the color red, and this train has enough of that – it’s almost like a Coca-Cola Christmas train. Like the others I have seen so far, this Christmas tree train set is a locomotive train with cool features like village lights, sounds, and 4 model horses.

The model horses give the train set a Western setting – cowboys riding on horses running after a train kind of scene.

Another lovely feature of this train is the ability to set the track up in 2 ways. You can have a circular track and an oval track.

To power this train, you need two AA batteries. However, the batteries only power the lights; the train does not move on its own. So, your kids will have to move it manually if they want to see it move. Moving automatically would have made this train perfect, but perhaps imaginative play might be more immersive for the kids.

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#5. – LEGO Creator – Expert Winter Holiday Train

This might be a LEGO train, but whether it’s for an adult or a kid, putting the pieces together can be a lot of fun.

This product comes with a caboose, locomotive driver, lights, and minifigures. All of these features, especially the minifigures (including a ticket collector) and detailed interiors contribute to the realistic touch of this model train.

Building this 734-piece LEGO train should be a breeze, thanks to the instructions. Buying this product not only gives your Christmas tree a model railway, but it also serves as a way for the whole family to spend time together.

The LEGO Creator Expert Winter Holiday Train is not motorized. However, you can make it motorized by getting a power functions motor separately.

Keep in mind that this LEGO set is not safe for kids below the age of 12. So, if you have kids below 12, especially toddlers, take the necessary precautions.

Available Here

#6. – Lionel – Disney Mickey Mouse Express Ready-to-Play Set

The Lionel Disney Mickey Mouse Express is another one of the Lionel model trains. It comes in the 2 main colors of Christmas red and green, and most of it comes ready to use, so you do not have to worry too much about setting it up.

Like the Lionel Polar Express Train Set and Lionel North Pole Central, it is motorized. It also has a remote control, so your kids do not have to manually move it around.

This Christmas train features realistic sounds, some Donald Duck figures, a boxcar, and a caboose. The 50″ by 73″ track set can be arranged in 3 ways: rounded square, circular, and oval. Overall, this product is more than decent. But the durability is sometimes questionable.

Available Here

#7. – PUSITI – Classic Christmas Train Set

This Christmas tree train stands out from the other model trains in this article because of its long track. With a staggering 11.5-ft-long track, none of the other trains come close. Beyond having a long track, the track can be oval, circle, or parallelogram – so you can switch things up as you want.

The PUSITI Classic Christmas Train Set is pretty colorful. It may not be the best train for minimalistic Christmas decorations. However, for colorful decors, it should slot in just fine.

This train has light and sound features to make the experience immersive. Setting it up is pretty straightforward as the manufacturer provides sufficient instructions – even on the merchant’s website. Great product overall, but the track seems delicate.

Available Here

#8. – AOKESI – Electric Train Set for Kids

The AOKESI Electric train is a motorized train set. The design features a locomotive engine, a regular passenger car, and a gift car featuring a Santa figure. It’s the kind of thing anyone would love to see underneath the tree on Christmas morning.

Besides its unique design, this model railway set features authentic train sounds, a headlight, and movements that just make the experience different. The sounds this train makes can be annoyingly loud. But beyond that, it is the perfect gift.

Available Here

#9. – SNAEN – Steam Locomotive Engine

Last on this list of the best Christmas train sets is the SNAEN Train Sets with Steam Locomotive Engine. Like the Hot Bee train set, this model train has sounds, smoke, and a headlight to give it its realistic touch.

Apart from that, the carriage is fairly long; it features a coal car, locomotive engine, and 2 passenger coaches. However, unlike some of the other model railways I have talked about, its track can only be in an oval shape. Of course, this may not a big deal.

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