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9 Best Christmas Scented Candles in 2023

9 Best Christmas Scented Candles in 2023

If you like your house filled with popular Christmas scents like sugar cookies, cinnamon, and pine tree during the holiday season, you should invest in Christmas scented candles. For sure, you will find many brands of holiday candles when looking to buy one for yourself or others as Christmas gifts. But if you want the best Christmas candles, check out my favorite candle below.

#1. – Sparkling Cinnamon

The Yankee brand has a reputation for producing some of the best Christmas scented candles you’ll come across, and this particular scented candle is one of those products that earned them said reputation. If sparkling cinnamon with a hint of clove smells like the whiff you want to be around winter-long, you should get this. Beyond its absorbing scent, this festive candle has a very long burn time. At the least, you will get 110 hours of operation from it, but this can go as high as 150 hours. Made with paraffin wax, you get an even burn. But then, if your skin is sensitive to paraffin wax, this may not be right for you.

#2. – Balsam & Cedar

If you want a scent that complements your Christmas tree and other decorations perfectly, candles that smell like balsam fir (such as this one) would be perfect. One thing I really like about this scented candle is that it effuses more than just the scent of balsam. You also get cedar and some hints of vanilla, fresh pine, citrus, and many other herbal and fruity scent. The balsam & cedar scented candle has a burn time of up to 150 hours. It is a paraffin candle, so you can expect it to burn evenly. But then, be wary of potential allergies.

#3. – Soy Wax Candle

Being a soy wax candle, this candle is more likely to retain its scent longer than a paraffin wax candle. So, if you are concerned about your Christmas candles losing their fragrance too early, this may be a better option for you. While its soy build makes it retain fragrance longer than the 2 Yankee, its operational time is slightly shorter. In the pack, you’ll come across 4 pieces and each of them can burn for around 25 to 30 hours. So, in total, you get around 100 to 120 hours.

I love the fact that all 4 pieces in this pack have different scents. You get lemon, fresh spring, fig, and lavender, so the ‘aromatherapy’ will not be monotonous. Besides all the lovely features I have mentioned so far, the packaging of this candle is beautiful. The print designs are just perfect.

#4. – Holiday Classic

With this classic candle, you can fill your home with holiday cheer in the form of a blend of natural fruit and herb fragrances. You get a fusion of the scent of cinnamon, pine needles, cloves, pomegranate, mandarin, and sweet orange. There’s also a whiff of vanilla bean and a holly berry-like scent in there.

The NEST Fragrances Candle comes in a lush glass container. So, out of the box, the candle is pleasing to the eye. But compared to the other candles, its burning time is pretty short – 60 hours. For the price it goes for, one would expect more than 60 hours of use. But then, beyond that, this Christmas candle is top quality.

#5. – Sugared Cinnamon Apple

The Yankee Sugared Cinnamon Apple Scented Candle is the last Yankee Candle on my holiday candle list. Like the other two Yankee products, it offers even burning, long burn time, and a sweet blend of cinnamon apple with vanilla bean fragrance. With a burn rate of around 110-150 hours, it is on par with the other 2 Yankee products. However, it burns longer than NEST Fragrances Candle. The wicks are also lead-free, so you do not have to worry about any form of lead poisoning.

#6. -LA Pine

While this candle only has an operation time of around 35 hours (the shortest on this list), its minimal level of toxicity makes it a top-quality Christmas candle. Besides being non-toxic, the Benevolence LA Pine Candle has a pine wood scent – one of the best fragrances to complement your Christmas tree. The smell is subtle yet present. Like the Yinuo Candle, it is made of soy wax. The upside to this is that the scent stays longer. Overall, it is more than decent. But some of the other candles seem more cost-effective.

#7. – Holiday Essential Oil Pillar

This scented candle comes in multiple scents. So, if the juniper, spruce, and basil scent does not do it for you, you can check out one of the other 6 scents:

  • Lavender & Tangerine
  • Orange, Clove & Cinnamon (Pearl-Colored Candle)
  • Orange, Clove & Cinnamon (Ruby-Colored Candle)
  • Orange & Lemongrass
  • Patchouli & Frankincense
  • Vanilla & Peppermint

Since this candle only has an operation time of 50 hours, its top feature is the wide variety of fragrances you can choose from. While it is not as expensive as the other reviewed products with longer operation times, those other products seem more cost-effective. This candle is made from paraffin. While being food-grade paraffin may make the candle less allergenic, you should still be cautious if you have a history of allergy to mineral oils.

#8. – Balsam Fir

Here’s another Christmas scented candle that will complement your Christmas tree. From its packaging, you can already imagine what this will smell like. But for emphasis, this candle effuses a combination of fresh balsam, evergreen, and bergamot. Beyond its fragrance, which evokes the cheer of the season, the Village Candle Balsam has one of the longest operation times you’ll come across. It can keep working for up to 170 hours – none of the products on this list stays on as long as this. While it is made from food-grade paraffin, I do not rule out any potential paraffin-related issue. So, if you are buying this, take note.

#9. – Scented Tea Lights

The last one is this pack of scented tealights. With this, you get 30 small pieces of candles and can easily control the rate at which you use them. For instance, if you want the candle to last you for a month, you could restrict yourself to a candle per day. But if you want them to last just two weeks, you can use two pieces per day. Each candle offers up to 4 hours of operation. So, in total, you get around 120 hours with this product. Like many options on my list, this product is made from paraffin. So, it burns pretty evenly.

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