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3 Ways to Hang Christmas Lights Around Garage Door

3 Ways to Hang Christmas Lights Around Garage Door

Christmas is fast approaching, and people have already begun to hang Christmas lights around their garage door, on the roof, garlands around the windows, on bushes outside, and along the entryway – all these things represent the holiday season. If you are trying to figure out how to hang Christmas lights around your garage door, this article is here to help you.

Things to Consider

First of all, you don’t want to use the same kind of string lights that you would use on your house.

Christmas string lights in box in garage

The heat from the lights can cause the paint on your door to bubble up, so it’s best to use LED lights like these or similar ones instead.

You’ll also need a plugin transformer for the lights because standard extension cords will not work with them. Plugging the transformer into an outlet in your garage is fine, but if you want more control over where your lights go and how bright they are, then consider using an extension cord with multiple outlets on it. That way, you can plug several different sets of lights into one line and have some control over where they go and how bright they are.

Option 1: Hooks

Hanging Christmas lights from hooks is quick and easy, but it can be challenging to find hooks that work well. If you have metal siding or gutters above your garage door, you can use these S-hanger hooks. You can also use these screw hooks designed to hold up to 20 lbs.


  1. Pick out enough hooks for the number of lights you want to hang and enough extension cords for each hook. The number of hooks you need depends on how long you want them to be, but we recommend starting with at least one hook per foot of length.
  2. Plug in each extension cord and run it up along the side of the door until it reaches about halfway between the top rail and bottom rail. This will allow plenty of extra cords for plugging in more hooks if needed later on.
  3. If you decide to use screw hooks, drill into the siding just below where you want each hook placed, then screw in a hook at each location (ensure there aren’t any wires or pipes inside). If there isn’t enough room between studs or joists, use small screws instead of nails so they won’t pull out easily when taking down your decorations later.
  4. Stretch your lights across the hooks and attach them by pushing down on them until they lock into place. If you have more than one strand of lights that you are connecting, make sure that they are all on the same voltage. If they are not, this can cause damage to your electrical system.
  5. Continue hanging lights along your garage door until the entire area is covered.

Option 2: Clips for Vertical Lights

If you’re using traditional bulbs in your garage door decorating project, you’ll need something to hang them. These clips are designed to attach C7 and C9 lights to the roof, gutter, shingles, or edge of the garage door frame and can hold up to six strands of light each. You can find them in several sizes, so you can choose one that best fits your needs. Some versions have hooks on the back so they can be used outside on a wall or fence and indoors on garages or porches during holidays and other occasions.


  1. Turn the power off your garage door opener.
  2. Attach your first light clip to the top of the vertical support beams on either side of your garage door opening. The clips should be about 3 feet apart, but this will vary depending on how many lights you’re hanging and how long they are.
  3. Attach a second light clip to the bottom of the vertical support beams on either side of your garage door opening.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all vertical support beams have been covered with clips.
  5. Get creative with where you put your lights! You don’t have to stick with one color or pattern — go ahead and mix it up!

Option 3: Nails

If you want to hang your Christmas lights directly onto the garage door, then these Q-hanger hooks with nails are a great option. Ensure the nails are long enough to go through the top and bottom panels of your garage door. This will give you a secure hold on the door and prevent it from falling off at any time.


  1. Use a level to get the top of the string of lights, even with the top of the garage door. Please ensure it is straight along both sides.
  2. Use a hammer and nail to attach one end of the string of lights to the top of your garage door. Frame an angle that looks good to you (this is where having a helper comes in handy). It will be hard to get them straight unless we have an assistant holding up one side while you hammer in each nail.
  3. Once you’ve hammered in all your nails, attach your string lights to the hooks.

Basic Safety Tips

man hangs Christmas lights around garage door

Hanging Christmas lights is a fun activity, but it can be dangerous. Please follow these basic safety tips when hanging holiday lights:

  • Never use electrical appliances near water or when wet.
  • Never exceed the recommended wattage for any light string or bulb.
  • Check if each light strand is connected securely before use and discard any defective ones.
  • Ensure all cords are free of cuts, nicks, tears, or permanent damage that can cause short circuits and fires when you hang them on your house or garage door.
  • Please ensure all connections are tight before you plug in your lights to avoid fire and electrocution hazards.


Hanging Christmas lights around your garage door can be a great way to decorate your home for the holidays. It’s a quick and easy way to add some holiday spirit to your yard, and it looks great when the garage door is open. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend much money to do it. You just need creativity, and your imagination will work wonders for you.

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