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Top 12 Driveway Christmas Light Ideas

Top 12 Driveway Christmas Light Ideas

When decorating your exterior areas for Christmas, the driveway is one of those spaces whose decoration really affects the character of other outdoor decorations. So, seeking out driveway Christmas light ideas is sometimes necessary.

If you are unsure of what to do to raise the visual appeal of your driveway during the holidays, here are some ideas you can work with:

Snowball Lights

Snowball Driveway Christmas Lights
Photo Credit: Little Green Fingers

Snowball lights are on-theme and austere yet satisfying. If most of your outdoor space is already covered in real snow, they will blend well with the surroundings while creating a cozy space.

Here is what you need to do: Form 24 snowballs with real snow and create a snow pyramid. You have 2 options for the light: You can either use small real tea lights and place them in the center of the pyramid (make sure to leave a hole at the top so that the heat can escape) or use these outdoor solar candles.

Paper Luminaries

While this outdoor Christmas light idea is used on the front porch and walkway, you may use it in your driveway.

Paper luminaries are simple outdoor Christmas lights you can use for every part of your outdoor space. They create a warm atmosphere while providing sufficient illumination.

When recreating this outdoor Christmas lights idea, ensure you use durable paper. Since the lights would be outdoors, they can get wet. Of course, when paper gets wet, it becomes weak.

Available here

Tomato Cage Christmas Lights Tree

Tomato Cage Driveway Christmas Lights Tree
Details Here: 17apart

Tomato cage Christmas lights are an option that works for both indoor and outdoor Christmas light ideas. You can use them to deck any outdoor space, including your driveway and front porch.

When you build them with clear string lights or icicle lights they create a starry path in your driveway at night.

If you intend to build your tomato cage Christmas lights by yourself, you need these plant cages, clear string lights, and patience. It can take a lot of time and effort, depending on the size of your driveway. So, you may need some extra hands to get the job done in a short time.

Christmas Light Arch

Driveway Christmas Light Arch
Details Here: eHow

Amongst the outdoor Christmas light ideas we found, this is one of the most majestic ones. The arches form a path with an air of royalty; when driving through this decoration, you may feel like you are getting a special welcome.

From another perspective, this outdoor Christmas lights decor stirs up a mythical feeling. When driving through it, you may feel like you are moving through some form of wonderland. All in all, you are bound to experience the festive cheer in some fun way.

Pulling off this outdoor Christmas lights decoration is pretty easy. While you may have to get some materials like PVC pipes and wood strips, your basic home tools will suffice for the building process.

When building your outdoor Christmas light arch, you may make a roof over the arches with net lights. This should make the magic even more intense. You may also modify the decoration by lining the arches with icicle lights.

Line Your Driveway With Ice Lanterns

In more ways than one, ice lanterns are a cool outdoor Christmas light decor for driveways. Their lights are neither too bright nor too dim, so they make the ambiance cool and tranquil. Apart from that, they are actually made of ice.

Making ice lanterns is uncomplicated; the instructions are simple, and the materials you need for them are not hard to find.

When making your own ice lanterns, you can use more click-light colors than what you see in the image. You may also make your ice lights bigger or smaller, depending on what you want.

Besides your driveway, you may also use these ice lanterns to adorn your front door, front yard, front porch, and other outdoor spaces.

The Ice Lantern Kit is available here.

All-Round Outdoor Christmas Lights

All-Round Outdoor Christmas Lights
Details Here: Yard Envy

This design looks pretty much like a classic driveway Christmas lights decor. It is plain but effective as it illuminates the front yard while creating a warm atmosphere.

The Christmas lights in this design run from the rooftop down to the driveway. The string lights on the roof are attached using light clips, while those in the driveway are held by C7 and C9 stakes.

If you are recreating this, you can use more than one type of Christmas light. For the rooftop, you may use icicle lights or mini lights, and for the driveway, you could use fairy lights.

You may also use lights of just one color. Alternatively, you may make a color scheme by combining 2-3 colors.

Light the Bush

bush outdoor Christmas light ideas
Photo Credit: Christmas Lights ETC

If you’ve been in search of outdoor Christmas light ideas for a driveway with a topiary bush, here’s something to try out.

To pull this off, all you have to do is cover the bushes that line the driveway with net lights. Alternatively, you may use string lights, fairy lights, or other rope lights.

Covering the topiary bushes with Christmas lights not only accentuates the bushes but also raises the overall appeal of the driveway, especially at night.

LED Ball Lights

LED Ball Driveway Christmas Lights

These LED lights are shaped in a way that makes it so easy for you to decorate your driveway with them. They are multicolor, so when decorating your driveway with them, you can mix things up to produce a dreamy display.

Apart from using them on your driveway, you may use these LED string lights to deck your front porch, front door, lawn, and other exterior areas.

The lights are battery-powered, so you can use them anywhere. Even when you use them at home, you never have to worry about connecting them to your home electricity. The product also comes with a remote control. So you can adjust the lights from afar.

Available here

In-Ground Christmas Lights

In-Ground Driveway Christmas Lights
Details Here: Farm Food Family

If you are trying to make your outdoor Christmas light decoration as subtle as possible, this idea is a perfect option. Besides being subtle, the position of the Christmas lights ensures that they sufficiently illuminate both the greenery and the driveway.

When remaking this decoration idea, you could use mini lights with a green wire to make the Christmas lights even less perceptible. Then to spruce the decoration up, you may add some icicle lights at right angles to the Christmas lights lining the driveway.

Starlight Sphere Stakes

Starlight Sphere Stakes outdoor Christmas light
Details Here: Christmas Lights ETC

If you want outdoor Christmas light ideas with a short installation time, here’s one option for you. This is basically plug-and-play; you get starlight stakes and simply stick them into the soil on both sides of your driveway.

Starlight stakes are available in various colors. So, when decking your driveway with them, you may use multiple colors or the same color all through.

Deer Christmas Lights

Decorating your driveway with light-up deer is another way to make things enchanting. Driving in and out with the brightly-lit animal figures on both sides of the driveway will stir up a fairyland-like feel.

One way to modify this decoration is to cover the deer in icicle lights or fairy lights. If you do this, ensure the icicle lights/fairy lights have a color different from the color of the deer lights.

Available here

Christmas Light Balls

Driveway Christmas Light Balls
Details Here: Christmas Lights ETC

If you do not have bushes lining your driveway but want a design that seems like you do, try this out. This idea basically involves folding regular Christmas lights into the shape of a ball and then placing them on both sides of the driveway.

It is pretty easy to make balls out of Christmas lights. Besides being easy, the idea comes with some flexibility as you can work with various colors and make the balls in any size you want.

If you’ve got enough space on your front porch, you may place one or two Christmas light balls in there to decorate the space.

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